Let's get things rolling with the 1-1 coaching!

Watch this entire video. Do not SKIP!

“Your questionnaire will appear blow this video in about 7 min. Keep watching for instructions."

I have a couple of tasks for you which you have to complete, if you haven't already!

  • 1
    Add Me On Skype! Open up your Skype account, if you don't have one then create one, and add me as a friend. Search for my name Philip Borrowman.
  • 2
    Watch the Frank Kern video I mention in this video. Watch this video from start to finish, do not skip. ⏩ Watch Now!
  • 3
    Complete The Questionnaire! Please fill in this questionnaire and be as honest as you can. Do not try and impress me. 

Your mindset is 90% of the "success" of building an online business -

I need you to do something for me...

  • check
    Watch ALL my tutorials and informational videos from start to finish. Never assume you know everything.
  • check
    Trust my process and realise I have built a soon to be 6 figure business from a list of less than 2,500 people. I do know what I am doing!
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    Have you watched the whole video from Frank Kern, or did you skip it? If you did not watch it then go back right now and watch it....from start to finish.

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