It's Time to start 1-1 coaching. I HAVE to prep & get you set up!

I need to build your website & YouTube channel for you. This is the first step...



Choose A Domain Name

Use your own name, eg -, or you can choose from this list of domain names. If you decide to choose one you came up with email me first as it may not be suitable. Say "ok" and trust me on this...

First come, first served!!!!


Got to your hosting provider

I have set up hosting to go alongside TAO but at this point it is a mute point as 99% of ALL of your already have hosting and existing websites and you are unlikely gonna want to change to my hosting as it is going to be a big task. Use your existing hosting as this will NOT cost you anything extra.


Buy the domain name

Buy the domain name from your hosting provider.


Install WordPress

Install the basic WordPress framework on your new domain name. Do not install any plugins or do anything.


Activate SSL (HTTPS)

Install & activate your HTTPS certificate on your new site. Your support will show you how to do this if you are unsure.


Email Me Login Details

Email me the username and password to your WordPress dashboard. NOT your hosting dashboard. I only need access to your WordPress site so I can install and develop your website.