$0 to $500 per month!
1-1 coaching group!

Remove all obstacles and confusion

Stripped down and direct strategy, no fluff or chance of second guessing.

Streamlined strategy which gives you results.

30+ Hours of 1-1 Live Coaching - Recorded - Result Driven!

Learn A Proven & Profitable Strategy

The purpose of this 1-1- Coaching group is 2 fold:

  1. To STOP you from throwing your hands in the air and quitting. Most people STOP as soon as they hit a roadblock. Such as: creating content, technical issues, choosing a niche, or just knowing what to do next!
  2. To get you to make that first ever commission in an easy, uncomplicated and quick way which you can scale in a realistic and comfortable manner.


I will be with you click for click... from buying your domain name to making your first commission!

You do NOT need to write any blog posts!

You do NOT need to do any paid advertising!

You do NOT need to have any prior experience!

This is suitable for anyone!

In a nutshell:

Have you made any money yet? No? Well, then this is for you!

20/20  SOLD OUT!

This is NOT a false scarcity bar. This is updated for every new sign up! Updated 30th May.

This is a 100% streamlined strategy! Simple & compact! 

These are the results from 60 days of work!

20/20  SOLD OUT!

This is NOT a false scarcity bar. This is updated for every new sign up! Updated 30th May.



Cut everything down to the core basics steps to avoid all confusion or information overload.

You will no longer get lost when choosing a niche, information overload, stuck with technical difficulties, no more operating without guidance or action plan, no longer operating without motivation or self belief.

Be held accountable and be hand held for 60 days to ensure success.

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    Complete A-Z - 1 on 1 Coaching Group
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    Apply To Any Niche or Existing Website
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    Intense & In-depth Lessons
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    Hand Held 1-1 Coaching Step By Step
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    100% Suitable For All Levels
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    Each Lesson Are LIVE But Also Recorded

60 Days Of Training & Support

“I am putting together a 1-1 coaching group to ensure YOU start seeing tangible results. I want YOU to see that this really does work and you can leverage your content to your advantage!”

Philip Borrowman

What Will You Learn?

I am going to take you by the hand and teach you my proven YouTube strategy where we create highly converting informational videos and tutorials for micro niches.

We drive traffic to a one page website where we capture leads and perform email marketing with automation and advanced email marketing.

We then make commissions on auto pilot.... no joke!

This strategy is streamlined and can be implemented by anyone but I am going to show you how to do it properly and how YOU can use it to finally start making regular commissions.

We will build a website & YouTube channel TOGETHER from scratch! 

We will make and record videos together and YOU will be held accountable by ME so you can ensure you actually MOVE FORWARD!


Do not worry if you already have a website or niche blog, you can do this as well on the side because it is such a simple strategy or you can apply it to your existing website!

  • You do NOT need to create any blog posts or long articles!
  • You do NOT need to be on camera!
  • You must be willing to record your voice, that's all!
  • You need ZERO experience for this!
  • You need a computer and a mic!

This is a 100% streamlined strategy! Simple & compact! 

20/20  SOLD OUT!

This is NOT a false scarcity bar. This is updated for every new sign up! Updated 30th May.

Outline Of Training:

Each lesson is LIVE but is also recorded so you can rewatch. All LIVE lessons will be held at different times so that ALL time zones get the benefit of interacting live and getting to ask questions live.

All together there will be a minimum of 30 hours of training provided + guidance and motivation to ensure YOU do the work and move forward the way you need to see results!

*This lesson list is subject to change as I get new ideas!


Overview & Introduction To Strategy


Niche Selection & Website Creation


YouTube Channel Creation & Affiliate Program Selection


Landing Page Creation


Email Automation Creation


Keyword Research


Content Creation

LESSON 13 to 25

Follow Up & Accountability Check-Up

Full Support Over Email

13-25 will be a follow up series of lessons where I will create custom tutorials based YOUR needs and questions.

LESSON 26-29

Advanced Options and Future Growth

Link Tracking

Relationship Building & List Growth

Pixels and Retargeting


Accountability Check & Conclusion To Training

Questions Answered!

I don't get it! WHy do i need this training?

Are you making any commissions? No? Well, then you need this training.

By working together with me and others who are in the same situation, you are increasing your chances of success as your motivation will be 10 times what it is now.

Instead of sitting working alone and just staring at the screen, wondering if you are doing the right thing, you will "get shit done!"

You will get answers to all your questions and you can make REAL and RESULT DRIVEN progress!

What if i can't attend the live training?

That is NO problem. Everyone lives in different time zones and have hectic social/family/professional lives. EVERYTHING will be recorded.

Also, everything will be revisited in the follow up tutorial series from lessons 13 - 25, meaning you can ask questions and get the support you need, even if you do not come to the live training.

I will be scheduling ALL the LIVE tutorials at different times so everyone can attend them. 9AM, 3PM or 9PM - this will ensure everyone gets their fair share of live events.

June is a busy time for me! how can i do this?

As I mentioned in the previous answer, this training is fine for anyone even if you are very busy. There really is no excuse to not join as all the training is recorded.

Also, the strategy you will learn is evergreen. This means you do not need to work on it all day everyday. If you don't do any work for a week or two, it's ok. You can come back to it later. 

All the lessons are recorded, so you can watch them again and again.

are there any additional costs?

Yes! Of course there is! You will need hosting, a domain name, autoresponder and a page builder.

We will also be using a specific content creation software for YouTube which costs $50 per month which is going to help you a great deal!

That's all you need.

what if i get confused or not sure what to do?

This will happen, guaranteed! BUT, you have me at hand. I will go out of my way to help everyone make the progress they need. I do not leave anyone behind!

That's the whole point of this 1-1 coaching, for me to help you avoid roadblock which would normally make you throw your hands in the air an QUIT!

DO I need to be on camera?

Nope! You can if you want but it takes longer. This is entirely up to you. I recommend you just follow the simple tutorial format I will teach you and when you want to develop thing further you can go on camera, if you want.

However, you do NOT need to be on camera, ever.

You do need to record your voice, that's all!

Will all 20 members be producing the same content for the same niche?

No, you will all choose whatever niche you want. But, I will talk you through the process and give you plenty of ideas. If some of you choose the same niche, it does NOT matter as there is an unlimited amount of traffic to go around. 

In fact, it might be a good thing because you can help each other out and grow together!

Is this strategy scalable

100% YES! This is scalable on all fronts. 

  • paid advertising
  • other social media platforms
  • blogging
  • etc, etc!

Training Starts On The 3rd June!

Your spot is reserved when payment is made, this payment covers ALL the training.

I am only looking for serious people. There are no refunds on this. I am gonna make this the best service you have ever had and I do not give up on my students.

"Anyone who has ever had ANY interaction with me knows that I am serious about what I do and I want to help YOU get results.

This is not some 'secret method' or 'loophole strategy', this is a white hat and proven strategy that works.

This is evergreen and will continue to bring you in passive income for a long time!

I never leave my students hanging and I go out of my way to ensure you understand everything that is going on and how you can get the best results."

- Philip Borrowman

Your spot is reserved when payment is made, this payment covers ALL the training.

I am only looking for serious people. There are no refunds on this. I am gonna make this the best service you have ever had and I do not give up on my students.

20/20  SOLD OUT!

This is NOT a false scarcity bar. This is updated for every new sign up! Updated 30th May.

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