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There is no replay, no encore. There are 10 spots, and that is it! This is the real deal.

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Not seeing any results online?

I know you are struggling to see results online. You are buying course after course after course, 
but you NEVER get anywhere, right?

There is something these "gurus" are not telling you, and that is what you will learn in this LIVE call. I am opening up the doors so you can actually understand how to make money online.

Your frustration, embarrassment, time wasting and money wasting days are over. You can FINALLY see some genuine results from a business that is honest, transparent and evergreen.

Here is what you get:

I am accepting another 10 people into this group in a few weeks and there is no replay or second chances.

When you join my 1-1 coaching you get:

Done-For-You - Website
Done-For-You - Landing Page
Done-For-You - Bridge Page
Done-For-You - Email Swipes
Done-For-You - Email Automation Setup
Done-For-You - Keyword Research
Done-For-You - Review Content
Done-For-You - Value Content
Done-For-You - Content Ideas
Done-For-You - YouTube Channel
Done-For-You - Product To Sell
Done-For-You - High Ticket Offer

Additional Advantages:

Continuous training updates.
Unlimited access to Philip
Expert tutorials
Product Creation Tutorials
Free access to Taking Action Online
Free access to all future product launches*
EXCLUSIVE right to promote Simple Traffic Blueprint

Host: Philip Borrowman, 

Philip is flying around the world to meet all his 1-1 coaching students to prove a point: that he is different than the other marketers you are used to dealing with.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something 100% unique!

Even if you are a complete beginner, this is IDEAL for you so you can overcome your procrastination, information overload and lack of progress.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had a genuine and real mentor and coach?

I am going out of my way to ensure people succeed online. This is a huge undertaking but it is so worth it when I see a student make their first sale online!

Philip Borrowman

I HAVE been meeting my students

Since August of 2019:

I am a man of my word. I have been flying around the world to show how much I believe in this strategy and what I am teaching. If I am willing to fly 30,000 miles just to meet my students, what does that tell you about my commitment to this group and strategy?

Meeting my 28 students:

Here are a few pictures of my students who are in the group. To see ALL my students you can check out my Facebook post about my trip around the world.

Borut in London

Bryan in Philadelphia

Johnny in Sweden

Clif in Memphis

Danny in Atlanta

Dennis in Buffalo

Here are a few pictures of my students who are in the group. To see ALL my students you can check out my Facebook post about my trip around the world.


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