7 Day Challenge: Day 7

You did it! You made it to the end of the 7 Day Challenge. BUT, you are not out of the woods yet! There is still work to be done.

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VIDEO #1 - Completion And 30 Min Coaching Delivery

In this video, you'll discover the HUGE benefit of this challenge and what reward I have for those action takers who complete this challenge.

I am super excited to see you move forward and build your business online using The Simple Traffic Blueprint.

TASK #1. Finish The STB Training

Make sure you finish the last section of the STB training.  The "Conclusion" section.

You must watch 4.1 to 4.4 so you understand what the future holds for you online.

TASK #2 - Fill In The Completion Form To Prove To Me You Have Completed All The Tasks!

Please fill in the form below with details of your checklist (which you should have been using all along) so that I can see you have completed all the tasks I have given you.

TASK #3 - Share Your Excitement With The Group!

I want you to share your excitement with the rest of the group to show that you are an action taker and that you completed the challenge!

Be sure to finish Task No.1 & No.2 BEFORE you do this.


ONLY complete task No.3 if you were able to fill in all the questions on the form above. If you did NOT complete the tasks then you have not qualified for the 30 minute strategy call and so you cannot post this image.

What's Next??

Prove You Have Completed The Tasks

If you want to claim the 30 minute strategy call with me then you MUST complete the questionnaire above to prove to me you have completed all the tasks. I want action takers who are honest, not time wasters who try to fast track their own success. Skipping steps inside this challenge does NOT mean you move forward faster.

Don't Forget...

If you want to kick your progress up a notch, then my 30 day coaching package is for you. I run this course every few months so be sure to register to learn more.

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