7 Day Challenge: Day 3

Today is Day No.3 and it is time to take MASSIVE ACTION! This is where most people will fail because they can't push past the barrier of "just doing it" without overthinking or making any excuse why they cannot complete these tasks.

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VIDEO #1 - This is When People Quit

In this video, you'll understand why 80% of people never make it past this stage, the "taking action" stage.

People are scared, lacking motivation and lacking the right priorities. You need to overcome this, now!

TASK #1 - Complete Steps 2.4 To 2.9

Now you need to move forward with the training. Take the niche and domain name you chose in Day No.2 and build your website!

This is when things get exciting but also incredibly challenging.

How To Complete This Task:

Click on the link below and go inside the training of STB. 

Follow these steps:

  • Before you implement, watch 2.4 to 2.9 again to remind yourself of the tutorials.
  • Then go back and watch 2.4 and implement the training slowly and methodically.
  • Do not skip any part and work through them one by one.

TASK #2 - Recognise Your Accomplishment!

In this task, you will post inside the Facebook group again to recognise what you have achieved.

Again, I know this may seem "silly" but I cannot stress how valuable this emotional release can be. Get it done! 

How To Complete This Task:

  1. Click on one of the images below and "Save As" to download it to your computer.
  2. Then go inside the Facebook group and post the image inside with a short bit of text to explain how you feel and what you hope to accomplish when you earn your FREE 30 minute strategy call with Philip!

What's Next??

Day 4: Coming Same Time Tomorrow!

Once you have completed the tasks above, sit back and relax.

The same time tomorrow you will receive another email with access to Day 4 of The 7 Day Challenge!

Don't Forget...

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