7 Day Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 is here and I bet you are excited to finish this challenge and earn your FREE 30 minute strategy call with me. You have a few more tasks to complete before you finish, so lets keep the momentum going.

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VIDEO #1. Polishing Off and Implementing

The natural progression in your life will be different from person to person. Some have more time than others.

Please make sure you go back and finish any tasks you have "skipped" because I know you may have missed some.

TASK #1. Finish 4.0 And Design Your Landing Page

There is one more thing you need for you website: you need you landing/squeeze page.

Be sure to watch the 4.0 tutorial and follow my instructions. Keep it simple and get it done. Don't overthink it.

How To Complete This Task:

Click the link below and watch the 4.0 tutorial about how to set up your landing page.

Be Practical:

  • Create a super simple landing page because you have no traffic yet.
  • Understand that you will come back and "tweak" the landing page later once you gain more experience.
  • Do NOT spend days making the "perfect" landing page right now as it does not matter.

Day 7: Coming Same Time Tomorrow!

Once you have completed the tasks above, sit back and relax.

The same time tomorrow you will receive another email with access to Day 7 of The 7 Day Challenge!

Don't Forget...

If you want to kick your progress up a notch, then my 30 day coaching package is for you. I run this course every few months so be sure to register to learn more.

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