7 Day Challenge: Day 5

Things are now HEATING UP in Day No.5 of the 7 Day Challenge. I really hope you are still in the fight! Keep pushing!

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VIDEO #1 - Kick Your Doubts and Fears To The Curb

In this video, you'll understand why you must remove doubt and self loathing from your mind and believe in what you are doing.

Making your first video is scary, but you are 100% safe here.

VIDEO #2 - It is time to make your first video

Here is a super quick reminder that you need to follow steps 3.5 to 3.9 to remind yourself of the steps needed to create your first video.

TASK #1 - Choose Your First Video and Plan It Out

It is time for you to choose one of the five videos titles you came up with yesterday. Follow my instructions and make some simple bullet points to help plan your video.

Make the video as simple as possible. 

How To Complete This Task:

Your only task here is to PLAN your video and do a practise run so that you feel ready to record the video in the next step.

Top Tips:

  • Before you think about recording, complete whatever task it is you are showing in your video. Actually do it on your screen without recording or talking - just do it so you know the steps you need to follow.
  • Do a dry run recording where you practise talking on the recording, then listen to it and delete it before recording again.
  • THEN you are ready to move to the next task below...

TASK #2 - Record And Edit Your First Video

FINALLY, the moment is here for you to record your first video. Follow these instructions and get it done.

Do not overthink this. Get the video made and you will be amazed at the relief you will feel.

How To Complete This Task:

Watch the training inside 3.5 to 3.9 and the video above. Sit down and record your video because you have already done a dry run and a practise recording. Follow my instructions above and edit out any errors or obvious mistakes.

NOTE - You will "hum-&-haw" and that is TOTALLY FINE. Do not try to make it perfect.

Extra Tip - if you are struggling to use ScreenCast-O-Matic - then I have a little trick for you -  click here

Once you have recorded the video and finished editing, move to the next task below.

TASK #3 - Upload Your Video To YouTube

The big day is here. It is time to upload your first video and get it out there!

Don't forget to send me a link to your video so I can see it!

How To Complete This Task: 

Go inside the STB training and watch tutorial 3.9. Follow those instructions and get your video uploaded. Then, send me a link to your video so I can see it and I will give you some personal feedback.

What's Next??

Day 6: Coming Same Time Tomorrow!

Once you have completed the tasks above, sit back and relax.

The same time tomorrow you will receive another email with access to Day 6 of The 7 Day Challenge!

Don't Forget...

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