7 Day Challenge: Day 4

Day No.4 brings fresh challenges and more frustration. DO NOT STOP the momentum you have. Keep on pushing and move forward one click at a time. Remember, my 30 min strategy call can change your life!!! So keep pushing!

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VIDEO #1 - Understanding The Slow Process Of Content Creation

In this video, you'll discover why it is VITAL you do not overcomplicate the process of content creation. 

The more layers you add, the longer it takes to make content. So keep things simple!

VIDEO #2 - Struggling With Overthinking!

In this video, you'll discover why overthinking is a curse. You need to overcome this problem.

You learn as you go and you learn by DOING IT. That is the secret which you must embrace.

TASK #1 - Watch 3.1 to 4.0 But Do NOT Implement Them

As with previous tasks, you need to get a birds-eye view of the training so you can better implement the steps individually with a real perspective.

How To Complete This Task:

Click on button below to access the STB training. Find the "Implementation" section of the STB and watch from 3.1 to 4.0 but DO NOT implement it yet.

You are doing this for a very good reason. Getting a complete 360 degree (birds-eye) view of the upcoming section stops you from losing track of where you are and helps you implement individual steps faster as you have complete perspective.

TASK #2 - Watch 3.1 to 3.5 & Write Down 5 Video Ideas

In this video, you'll get your feet wet and plan out the first 5 videos you will make for your channel.

Again, please do NOT overthink this. Making the videos is far more important than worrying about outside factors.

How To Complete This Task:

Click the link below and watch 3.1 to 3.5. Then I watch the instruction video again above to really get a good feel for what you need to do.

Choose 5 titles for your videos without worrying about any keyword research or anything else. ONLY focus on the idea of "getting the videos done" and appreciate you will learn 100% more by making the videos than coming up with reason why you cannot/shouldn't make the videos.

DO NOT MAKE a video yet, you are ONLY coming up with the "titles" of the videos.

What's Next??

Day 5: Coming Same Time Tomorrow!

Once you have completed the tasks above, sit back and relax.

The same time tomorrow you will receive another email with access to Day 5 of The 7 Day Challenge!

Don't Forget...

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