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1-1 Coaching Group - Youtube Domination

10 Sections 45 Lessons Advanced

About this course

1-1- coaching group which starts on the 3rd June 2019. This is the video I mention in the introduction webinar - https://members.takingaction.online/frank

Note - all the information inside was accurate at the time of recording.

Here I will teach you a streamlined strategy which will generate traffic, leads and sales from YouTube in a matter of weeks. You will see fantastic results with this training as it is tried and tested. It works, that simple!


This course will include roughly 25 hours of training with continued email support over the 60 day period. We will have LIVE Q&A sessions and everything will be covered inside, even how you can take the training into the future and grow even further.

Training Steps

1-1 Coaching

Week 1 7 Lessons

1.1 – Introduction

Here I introduce you to the training and give you an overview of some very important aspects. This is the MOST import video to watch!

1.2 – Structure of Training

This video will give you an overview of how the training will be structured and scheduled. This will show you what to expect.

1.3 - The Results

Here I am talking about the results you can get IF you do me one favour...

2.1 - Strategy Overview

Here is an overview of the strategy and how it works to bring in traffic, leads and sales.

2.2 - Strategy In Action - Live Example

Here is a live example of this strategy in action and proof it works like a dream.

2.3 -Tools & Services You MUST Have To Make This Work

These are the tools and services you are going to need on the most basic level if you want to make this strategy work.

1-1 Coaching

Week 2 5 Lessons

3.1 - Overview & Introduction To Strategy

Here, I am giving you a clear overview of exactly how this strategy works and introducing you to how this fits together.

3.2 – Niche Selection

This tutorial will teach you how to choose your niche and how you eliminate any confusion on this topic. This is only for this particular strategy.

3.3 – Website Creation

Let's build our website and get the business off and running. Now the fun begins!

3.4 – YouTube Channel Creation & Affiliate Program Selection

Here, we are going to build our YouTube channel and choose our affiliate program. Which product will you promote?

3.5 - LIVE Q&A - Accountability Checkup - Week 2

This second live Q&A will keep you on track and help you avoid all distractions. I answer all your questions and we move forward together!

1-1 Coaching

Week 3 5 Lessons

4.1 – Website Setup + Landing Page

Here we will finish off our website and also set up a basic landing page. This will develop over time so don't be too picky, just get something up and running.

4.2 – Keyword Research

Here we are going to look at keyword research and how you can get your videos ranked better. This takes practice!

4.3 – Content Research + Content Creation – First Video

Let's get our first video made, but first we need to research the content. Don't worry, this is not hard! Follow these instructions.

4.4 – Uploading/Ranking Your Video

Now we are ready to upload and rank our first video. This is not as hard as you may think and you will learn as you go.

4.5 - LIVE Q&A - Accountability Checkup

Time to put all your concerns and queries at rest with another Q&A. These are designed to keep you motivated and to help you push forward.

1-1 Coaching

Week 4 5 Lessons

5.1 - Landing Page Completion + Affiliate Program

Let's get the landing page finished and sort out the last bits about the affiliate program. As I said, these will change so get something acceptable up and keep working on your videos.

5.2 – Content Creation – 2nd Video!

It is time to upload your second video. I know things might be moving slowly but trust me that things will speed up really fast!

5.3 - Welcome Email Setup

Email marketing is the key to making money online. Here we are going to take the first steps to getting your email automation set up.

5.4 – Content Creation – All The Bells & Whistles!

Now we will cover all the angles you need to cover to make high quality content. This is not rocket science. Follow the basics and you will be fine.

5.5 - LIVE Q&A - Accountability Checkup

Another live Q&A will help you stay focused and get all you questions answered. This will help you stay focused and avoid silly mistakes.

1-1 Coaching

Week 5 3 Lessons

6.1 - Finishing Landing Page

Now we will put the finishing touches on the landing page to make sure everything is covered. This is very easy to get done.

6.2 – Critique. Going Over Your Mistakes

Time to get our hands dirty and cover some mistakes I am seeing people make. This is a vital part of the training.

6.3 - Content Creation - 4th Video

Let's make more videos and I will help you develop your ideas here and show you how to proceed.

1-1 Coaching

Week 6 3 Lessons

7.4 – LIVE Q&A – Accountability Checkup – Week 6

Another LIVE Q&A will help you push through barriers you have never been able to push through before. This is gonna be fun!

7.1 - Email Sequence Creation

Let's create our emails for our email automation. This forms the basis of our email marketing campaign.

7.2 – Email Automation Setup

Here we are taking a closer look at how you set up your email automation.

1-1 Coaching

Week 7 5 Lessons

8.1 – Tying Up Loose Ends

Now we will do a quick summary and cover some things we missed in the previous training modules. Cross the t's and dot the i's, so to speak!

8.2 – Content Creation 5th video

Let's create some more content! Here, we will delve deeper into content creation so you can get things moving.

8.3 – Split Testing Basics

In this tutorial, we will discuss split testing. This is something which is not that important right now but you need to be aware of it.

8.4 – Content Creation – 6th video

Time to make more content! Let's get stuck in and create more videos you can use to bring in more views and subscribers.

8.5 - LIVE Q&A - Accountability Checkup - Week 7

Time for another Q&A! These sessions are here to help you stay motivated and to help you avoid mistakes!

1-1 Coaching

Week 8 5 Lessons

9.1 – Relationship Building

Building a relationship with your following is so important. This video will teach you one or two things on this topic!

9.2 – Understanding Future Growth

It is so important you understand how to grow your channel. What does the future hold for you? What should you focus on?

9.3 - Critiquing Landing Pages

Time to get our hands dirty again and critique your landing pages. What are you doing well? What needs improving?

9.4 - Link Tracking

Link tracking is important but this is another element which will cause a distraction right now. Let me explain why...

9.5 - LIVE Q&A - Accountability Checkup - Week 8

Time for another Q&A and this is a good one. Things are hotting up and people are starting to see views and subscribers!

1-1 Coaching

Week 9 4 Lessons

10.2 – Content Creation 7th video

Creating content is very important and here I am exploring different angles for you to explore.

10.3 – Critiquing Your YouTube Channel

This tutorial will show you how I would critiquing your YouTube channels. Here I cover some of the most common mistakes I see and how you need to continue.

10.4 - Welcome Video & Something A Little Scary!

This video will help you with your welcome video and explore a new avenue which may seem scary but will help your channel immensely!

10.5 - LIVE Q&A - Accountability Checkup - Week 9

This is the second last Q&A where I will uncover more about the training and I will share some cool motivational information with you.

1-1 Coaching

Week 10 3 Lessons

11.2 - Content Ideas

I am going to explore some content ideas with you so you can let your imagination take hold.

11.3 - Understanding Future Growth Part 2

You need to understand the future growth of your channel and how things will proceed from here. This is the second last tutorial of this training.

11.4 - Last and Final Q&A + Goodbye! - Week 10

This is goodbye. This is the last Q&A and the last chance you have to ask any questions you may have. It has been a pleasure, guys! Thank you so much and the best of luck for the future.