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Choosing A Niche - Keep It Simple

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Choosing a niche is the first stumbling block for beginners marketers. Let me show you a simple way to find a suitable niche. Do not overthink this process. 

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Don’t Overthink Your Niche – The Problem

Do not overthink which niche to choose. Easier said than done, I know! You want to find the perfect niche to invest all your time and love into....

Narrowing Down Your Niche

Most people choose niches that are WAY too broad. Narrowing down your niche is essential and there is a good reason I am showing you this before you find niche ideas.

Finding Niche Idea

Let's explore some niche ideas to get your brain ticking over and spark up some inspiration. Finding niche ideas is relatively easy. Let's go!

Finding Niche Ideas – Explosive + DFY Niches

Let me show you a faster and more aggressive way to find niches. Using a keyword research tool is a great way to find related keywords which are often micro niches themselves.

Eliminating Niche Ideas – Common Sense

In this section, we are going to start eliminating niches from your list of niches you have created. Be sure to use the Niche Worksheet I gave you in the "Finding Niches" tutorial.

Eliminating Niche Ideas – E-commerce Niches

Next up, we will eliminate the niches which are more suitable for e-commerce and not blogging, YouTube or social media. This is a very important lesson as it will stop you choosing a boring niche.

Eliminating Niche Ideas – Social Media Suitability

Let's complete the elimination of our niches based on social media compatibility. This is not set in stone but you need to make a conscious choice on your niche before you move forward.

Niche Keyword Research – Human Nature & Common Sense

Let's start doing some keyword research and continue eliminating our niche selection to narrow it down to the most suitable niche for our abilities and search demand.

Niche Keyword Research – Number Crunching & Ideas

You want to build up a list of keywords related to your niche. This will help you get an idea of the potential audience out there and help you explore your niche and spark up fresh ideas.

Is Your Niche Profitable?

Let's talk about the profitability of your niche. 95% of all niches are profitable, that simple.

Don’t Overthink Your Niche – The Solution

This lesson is essential for you to "get moving forward" as most newbie marketers never get past this stage of "planning" and thinking.

Watch Me Choose A Niche!

Watch the choose a niche in a simple and fast way. Follow along and apply this to your own niche selection.

Time To Choose Your Niche

The time has come for YOU to choose your niche. This is where your journey starts and the excitement begins. Are you ready?

[SECRET] Explode Your Progress With TAO

Before you move to Step 2, I want to share a little secret with you. Something that only successful marketers know about.

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    for some reason, I thought you released 3 modules…am I wrong about that?

    • Phillip Borrowman says:

      Hey! Yep, this week was only 2 modules…

      Monday: Module 1: The Foundations
      Time: Your Achilles Heel
      The Magic Power
      Mindset & Attitude
      Tuesday: Module 1: The Foundations
      Thinking Long Term
      Attitude Towards Your Business
      Wednesday: Module 2: The Strategy
      Overview of Philip’s Personal Blueprint
      Why This Strategy Works: The Funnel
      Thursday: Module 2: The Strategy
      Overview Of YOUR Funnel/Blueprint
      Making Yourself Bulletproof!
      How To Find Products To Review
      Friday: Weekly Webinar, Recap & Accountability Session

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    Don’t forget 4.2 , Rinse & Repeat or like I say FOCUS … cause that is where the money is found…

    • Phillip Borrowman says:

      Rinse & repeat! #keepmakingmorevideos

    • PETERSON K says:

      Many thanks. Watched your video and decided to join this program. I need lots of help with uploading YT videos. My channel just got suspended a few days ago. I have send in an appeal. I am waiting for YT response. I hope this training will help me not to get into such a situation again.

      • says:

        For sure this training and all of TAO .. that is Taking Action Online .. will show you how to not get into that situation again…

        We only teach and talk about ways to create real useful content, that YouTube and Google … and more important your audience will love and want to get more of.

        No tricks, hacks or shortcuts (the ones that get you in trouble, as you’ve now experienced) just honest to goodness real ways to create content that helps people…

        Awesome to have you here, any questions best place for now to ask is in the Facebook group .. or feel free to send me an email.

      • Philip Borrowman says:

        Sorry to hear your account got suspended. Trick is to always stick to the rules. Never upload any Creative Commons content, spam comments on other channels or use any automatic uploading software that auto creates videos from other people’s content. Stick to the training inside TAO and you will be fine.

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    • Philip Borrowman says:

      It’s important not to skip anything. You are more than welcome to build your site any way you want but you should still watch my tutorials so you don’t miss anything.

  • duncan swan says:

    Brand new to this site. Looks very in depth and well put together.
    Thanks Phillip

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Cheers Duncan! There is over 30 hours just inside the Action Plan alone so I hope you get stuck in. If you need anything at all then let me know!

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    At last I now understand the relationship between an objective an Adset and an Ad …. Thanks JK and Philip

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