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About this course

This training is for my inner circle affiliates who are being trained to become super affiliates of Taking Action Online.

Training Steps

1-1 Coaching
2 Chapters

Core Basics

This is the core basic training of the Nomad Group. This section covers the principle behind this community and what we stand for. You also get a clear overview of how you will generate traffic leads and sales. Then you need to complete all the tasks on the welcome page before you continue, so if you have missed the initial tasks, click here.

Core Basics 7 Lessons


Let's get this part started. You have a LONG journey ahead but you are in good hands.

Why This Group Will 40x Your Progress

I want to illustrate to you fully why this group is the key to your success. You will all grow together and build long lasting business relationships which will return an incredible amount of leverage, money and business opportunities.

Importance Of Community

Helping others and helping each other is so incredibly important. When you have like minded people to support you, you progress so much faster and you believe in your self and the strategy.

Long Term Thinking

I know you have heard this before, but you need to wrap your head around this concept. Even people who say "Yeah, I think long term" will flake out after 2 or 3 months and they never understand why they are not making any money.

Attitude Towards Money - Re-investing!

This tutorial will teach you about the mentality you need to have to the money you earn, when you start to see results. This plays a HUGE part in your online journey and most people do not understand this part.

Value First, Sell Later.

This is the cornerstone of a valuable and stable business. This tutorial will talk you through what mentality you have to adopt if you want to succeed online.

Right vs Wrong

There is a right way and there is a wrong way. This is the first out of MANY moral tutorials where I will shed some light on what you can and cannot do. We are a group and we need work to the same moral standard.

Moral Compass 5 Lessons

Cornerstone Of This Community

I want to illustrate why this group is going to be so powerful. The Internet Marketing world is a scary, dark and slippery place. It is so important you understand why we need to stay together.

Never Do Black Hat

This lesson will illustrate clearly why black hat SEO is ALWAYS a bad idea. You need to avoid the temptation of doing this and do not work with anyone who uses these kind of strategies.

Honesty = You Do Not Need A Good Memory

If you are ONLY honest and down to earth then you do not need a good memory. If you lie or try to be a snake oil salesman, then you will get caught out and you will always be looking over your shoulder.

Scarcity & Pressure Selling. How NOT To Do It!

Scarcity is a huge part of selling, and it really does work. However, most people use this completely incorrectly and suffer as a consequence. This will shed some light on this topic.

Dissecting Bad Products

This lesson will give you a clear overview of what constitutes a "bad product" and why you must never promote anything which has these characteristics.

1-1 Coaching
8 Lessons


Here we begin the implementation of the strategy. Take your time here and get to grips with the implementation and how you should proceed. There is no rush. Take your time and let things develop naturally.


This section will introduce your to the "how" you are going to build your business. Let's get going.

Value Based Video Vs Review Video Ratio

This lesson will teach you why the ratio between value based and review based videos need to be a certain way. Let me explain.

Create: Value Based Tutorials – 3 Step Process

This tutorial will teach you how to create the value based tutorials which will bring in traffic, leads and sales to your funnel. Follow this method and you will see results.

Create: Product Reviews – 3 Step Process

Here, I will teach you how to create product review based on my own experience and the foundation reviews I will create for you. Follow these steps with ease!

Recording Setup For Your Videos

Let's take a look at the equipment you need to record your videos. This is very important to ensure your viewers get the best experience.

Product Reviews: What To Include

In this tutorial, I am showing what details you need to consider when creating a review.

How To Structure Your Videos

How you structure your videos is very important. Please use this as guidance and ask me if anything does not make sense.

Uploading/Ranking YouTube Videos

This lesson shows you how to upload and rank YouTube videos. Remember, this is not about vanity metrics, such as your view count, it is about creating a large volume of videos fast which you can leverage.

1-1 Coaching
3 Chapters

Day To Day Implementation

This module will walk you through the day to day process of making videos and developing your business. This will help keep you on track.

1-1 Coaching
21 Lessons

Understanding Business Growth - Data Analysis

In this section, we will dissect live data and sales to truly understand what is going on with your statistic and results.

8 Months In - You Are Already Making $30,000 Per Year!

Did you know you are already making $30,000+ per year but you just don't know it yet.

Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding your customer value is key. Looking at the lifetime value can give you a real insight into why short term thinking leads to failure every time.

Checkup & Analytical Reality Check

This will give you some perspective on how to digest your progress.

Analytical Reality

Here I will show you inside my analytics to make you see the reality!

Analytical Reality - Long Term Thinking

In this tutorial, I take a closer look at the long term brewing period of value videos. Once again, this goes to show how well this strategy works.

Analytical Reality - Understanding Value of Your Content

It is so easy to look at short term results and think "What's the point??". If you have a narrow mindset you will fail every time.... this video will continue to digest my own analytics to clear your mind.

Your Business Growth

Your business growth will be inconsistent and emotionally turbulent, to say the least! This tutorial will help you keep perspective.

Ranking Metrics – Don’t Overthink Them

Most of the ranking metrics are irrelevant until you get comfortable with the "process" of making videos so it is vital you do not overthink things.

Perspective Of Where You Are At

Perspective is important. Please watch this all the way through.

Do You Have A Losing Mindset?

Here I will demonstrate Richard journey from a loser to a winner in 60 days....

Perspective & Controlling The Controllable - Part 1

I made this video to help you keep perspective. Enjoy!

Perspective & Growth Rate - Part 2

In this tutorial, I will expand on the previous video by going into individual YouTube accounts analytics and showing you the growth of others and what went on.

Perspective & Shutting The F*% Up & Getting On With It - Part 3

This is part 3 of the perspective series. This is super important. Watch right until the end.

Keyword Research – Practical Advice

Keyword research is a horrible rabbit hole. It is an important skill to learn BUT there are SO many false positives which skew your belief in yourself and in your content creation.

$1000s From Simple Videos - Perspective

Here is yet another video to prove how well everyone are doing in the DNG. Perspective is the key for YOU to maintain a healthy mindset.

Perspective - A Drop In Income

Richard, Bryan and Ken have made $1000s promoting ATB. However, in the coming months their earnings will drop drastically.

Knowing What They Know Now - What Would They Do Differently

With hindsight you can learn a lot and really help you gain perspective on what you need to do in the future.

Richard is Making $100,000 Per Year - Part 1

Richard, and others in the DNG, is already making $100,000 per year... but he has not accepted it yet...

Richard is Making $100,000 Per Year – Part 2

In this second part, I will go over Richard's content and share how he will continue to grow.

Fresh Members – Fresh Proof – Ignore Vanity Bullshit

With fresh members joining the DNG in the last 6 months we now have even more perspective to look back on. These fresh analytic tutorials will show you the snowball effect of the newer members. 

1-1 Coaching
6 Chapters

Emails & Conversion

In this module, I am teaching my 1-1 coaching students how to convert their traffic and leads into sales!

Watch This First 1 Lesson

Let's Get Started

This is a quick introduction video which is very important to watch.

Broadcasting 2 Lessons

How To Broadcast & Why

Here is how to segment your list so that you can broadcast and promote to your subscribers who have finished all your automation.

What Do You Broadcast?

In this short tutorial, I will share with you what you should send you subscribers.

Automation Training 2 Lessons

Increase Open Rate & CTR In Automation

Increasing your open rate is important. In this tutorial I will show you how to increase them easily by following some simple steps.

List Maintenance

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to maintain your list in a basic way + using automation.

1-1 Coaching
2 Chapters

Promoting High Ticket Offers

This module will teach you how to promote the high ticket offers I have created for you as part of the Nomad Group.

Using Email Marketing 2 Lessons

ATB promo January 2021

In this lesson, I show you my automation for the ATB promo of January 2021.

How To Promote

In this tutorial, I teach you how you will promote all my high ticket offers to your email list.

Using Social Media 3 Lessons

Using The TAO Facebook Group

Use the power of my Facebook group to your advantage. The you ALL engage the better for EVERYONE. Use the power of our Nomad Group.

Leverage What You Have

Use the power of the group. It is SO easy!

1-1 Coaching
5 Chapters

Filling In The Blanks

In this module, I will upload webinars, tutorials and more which will help you will in the blanks. Also, there will additional resources here.

Chances Are You Are Going To Fail [EXPLICIT} 1 Lesson

Tutorials - Aesthetics 9 Lessons

Adding A Floating Subscribe Animation

In this lesson, Ken is showing you how to add the floating "Subscribe" animations on your YouTube videos. This is incredibly valuable and the downloads are available inside this lesson.

Adding Floating Text Graphics

Ken has been kind enough to create another tutorial about how to create your own overlaying text graphics. Again, this is so powerful and looks really professional!

Adding Custom End Screen

In this tutorial, Peter is showing us how to add custom end screens to make your video look more professional.

Adding Text Captions – DFY

Peter has been kind enough to give you a LOAD of DFY text CTA! This is so valuable and easy!

Circular Talking Head For Camtasia

This tutorial will show you how to make a round talking head bubble to give your video that edge over the competition and make it look really professional.

Free Sound Effect Files For Your Video

Ever wonder where Ken gets his sounds effects from? Well, here you are!

How To Create A Gray-Scale Pattern Interrupt

Adding a sudden pattern interrupt by using black and white segment to your videos is a great way to re-engage your audience.

How To Create An Easy Transition For Your Video

These easy overlays/transitions are super easy to make and you can use them with great effect to demonstrate points, features and more for your videos.

How To Make A Swipe Transition In Camtasia

Need a super professional swipe transition with a cool sound effect? This is for you.

Tweaks 2 Lessons

Developing Your Tags

In this tutorial, I will give you some tweaking tips on your tags for your videos. Go back and redo/tweak your tags on ALL your videos. Now that you are moving forward you will spot little mistakes you have made.

Call To Action

Your call to action is super important. This video will cover the types of CTAs you need and why you use them.

Dealing With Negativity + Vendor Reactions 2 Lessons

Bryan & Lorraine’s First Negative Comments

Bryan and Lorraine were the first to get some negative backlash from their reviews...

Strategy Buster 4 Lessons

Expired Domain Names

Buying expired domain names is a very common thing and it does work.... BUT....

Article Spinning

Article spinning.... urgh, such an old and horrible way to try and get traffic and sales.

1-1 Coaching
4 Chapters

Content Database

This is the content database and content training. Here I will teach you how to develop your ideas and also spoon-feed you content idea which you can use to develop your business.

Explode Your Progress With The Database 1 Lesson

Introduction & Why This Will 10x Your Progress

This intro is long but grab a beer and sit back and listen carefully. Golden nuggets coming your way!

Content Ideas 9 Lessons

Fresh Content

Where can you find fresh content and ideas to write about? Well, in this video I will share some simple trick and tips for you to find your own content idea which you can develop.

Content Ideas & Angles - Part 1

Here are some fresh ways to find content. I will glance over some of the obvious places but also point out unusual places to get content ideas.  I will explore content angles. You need to start thinking about content as an entrepreneur. There are thousands of visitors waiting every hour but you need to see how to find them! 

Content Ideas & Angles - Part 2

This second part will show you some more ways to find content ideas. It is important you start to think like an entrepreneur to see all content as potential leverage. 

Content Ideas & Angles - Part 3

Here are even more angles for you to find content ideas and video inspiration.

Content Ideas & Angles - Part 4

Here is a simple way to use the suggested search results to come up with fresh ideas which you can develop by performing keyword research and turn into videos.

Content Ideas & Angles – Part 5

In this lesson, I will look at how you can find better quality training to review and promote.

Content Ideas & Angles - Part 6

Here I want to show you how to find an infinite amount of products, ideas and places for content inspiration.

Content Ideas & Angles – Part 7 – Post ATB Content

This will give you an idea of the kind of content you can create after you have seen some positive results, any kind of positive results. Even small results are great for documenting your journey.

Content Ideas & Angles – Part 8 – Review To Value Transition

This is a SUPER powerful way for you to KEEP your audience watching. Follow these steps to make very effective videos to help your audience.

Value Tutorials: Fresh Content Database 2 Lessons

Value Tutorial Database

This is the list of value based tutorial videos you can make to grow your YouTube channel. Come in and pick your video title!

What Your Tutorial Videos Need To Include

Here, I will quickly go over what your tutorial videos need to include, with regards to the structure and flow of the tutorial.

Review Videos: Fresh Content Database 4 Lessons

The Ethos Behind My Reviews

I do my reviews in a specific way to achieve a number of objectives: to give value, to help others and to get traffic to my website in an honest way.

What NOT To Do With Reviews

Here is a quick lesson on what NOT to do when you create your reviews. It is important to keep your integrity and honesty above all else. Do not chase the money, focus on giving value.

Done For You Reviews

Here are the reviews I have made for you which you can use for inspiration. The great thing here is that you do NOT need to buy the product or understand what it is about because I have done the work for you.

Evergreen Reviews

In this module I will leave a list of EVERGREEN products, apps and services which you can review. These reviews need to be long and in depth to deliver any value as there are many reviews out there.

1-1 Coaching
18 Lessons

Turbo YouTube Ads

This YouTube training will teach you how to set up highly converting & easy to set-up ads. Discovery ads are incredibly easy and quick to leverage for more traffic and sales. Step 1 - Create Google Ads Account - Step 2 - Link Ad Account With YouTube Channel

Richard Darby's First Ad - Part 1

This case study will follow Richard's progress as he starts his first every YouTube ad campaign. He will have to spend some money to develop this but once he finds a sweet spot he can get leads on autopilot.

Richard Darby’s First Ad – Part 2

Here we have the second week of Richard's ad campaign so he can slowly streamline it to maximise his efforts. Let's see how this develops.

Richard Darby’s First Ad – Part 3

We are now in Richard's 3rd week of running his ad.... this is a slow learning curve but I am sure you can now see why.

Richard Darby’s First Ad – Part 4

This is part 4... let's see what happens next!

Ad Failure - Real Example

Here is a video from a subscriber of mine who is desperately trying to recover her failing Google Ad campaign. She is very likely to fail as she is not focusing on building a long term and stable business.

1-1 Coaching
9 Chapters

Turbo Facebook Ads

This is a 5-hour tutorial which shows you step by step how to create Facebook ads to promote your products. Take it nice and slow here and be patient.

Introduction 3 Lessons

Introduction – Must Watch

This introduction is incredibly important. Do not skip this. If you do, you will lose money. :-)

Quick Fire Questions With JayKay Dowdall

In this video, I ask JayKay a few simple questions to help you guys better understand how to progress and see the best results.

Introduction From JayKay Dowdall

In this video, you'll be introduced to the overall funnel that we'll be building in this series. You'll see the results I've gotten running FB ads into this funnel, and how this funnel is a bridge into any offer you'd like to promote or sell.

Funnel Design 1 Lesson

Funnel Design

In this video you'll see a more detailed overview of the funnel pages that help increase conversion rates. This simple 2-step gateway funnel collects email leads with a high conversion rate, and funnels traffic into your offer of choice.

These pages are extremely simple to create, and even easier to test.

Research 3 Lessons

Audience Research

In this video, you'll see a tutorial of the extremely important audience insights tool. This tool helps create the audiences that you will target with your ads, as well as providing multiple points of data to help you understand the content your audience responds to most.

Ad Research

In this video you'll see how I create my ad copy based on research other advertisers. I'll also give you a complete over-the-shoulder view of the process that goes into creating ad copy based on researching the ads of others.

Funnel Metrics - Knowing Your Numbers

In this video you'll see an in-depth explanation of two key aspects of your funnel: pVPL & mxCPL. Your potential-Value-Per-Lead is a critical number to understand as it helps you determine what ad costs are required to maintain to keep your campaign profitable. Your maximum-Cost-Per-Lead is the maximum amount you should be willing to spend on ANY paid advertising to capture a single lead. These numbers are crucial for all paid advertising including Facebook, solo ads, YouTube, and more!

Pre-Launch 1 Lesson

Pre-Launch Setup

In this video, you'll see the steps required to install your Facebook pixel on every page of your site as well as how to track the important "events" that Facebook requires to optimize your ad campaigns.

Launch 1 Lesson


In this video you'll see the click-for-click steps to create and launch your campaign inside Facebook ads.

Calibration 2 Lessons

Creating Your Scorecard

In this video, you'll get an introduction to an important tool in monitoring the progress of your ads: The Conversion Scorecard.This scorecard will help identify the strengths and weaknesses in your campaign and guide your hand in creating a stronger ad for better results.

Calibrating Your Campaign

In this video, you'll see the steps required to calibrate your ad and increase the KPIs indicated on the scorecard by focusing on the all-important metric across Facebook ads: Unique CTR.

KPI Explainer 1 Lesson

KPI Explainer

In this bonus video - which is not required to view - you'll get a more in-depth understanding of the KPIs we're measuring with the Conversion Scorecard.

Final Thoughts 1 Lesson

Final Thoughts

In this final video, you'll get my insider view after years of running Facebook ads and learn what to do if you get banned from Facebook, what scaling really means, and how to protect your valuable custom audience data from the ban hammer.

Your Squeeze Page + Funnel 2 Lessons

Squeeze Page & Funnel

Here is a template you can use to promote the 12 Step Action Plan and lead into Simple Traffic Blueprint.


Here you will get a whiteboard overview of the whole funnel and how you can approach this strategy.