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Digital Nomad Group: CORE BASICS

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About this course

This is the core basic training of the Nomad Group. This section covers the principle behind this community and what we stand for. You also get a clear overview of how you will generate traffic leads and sales. Then you need to complete all the tasks on the welcome page before you continue, so if you have missed the initial tasks, click here.

Training Steps

1-1 Coaching
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Core Basics

This is the core basics of what we are about to do with this Digital Nomad Group. I want to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. So, let's get going!

Your Target Audience

Here I will show you exactly who your target audience is so you can fully understand why we are using this strategy. You will love this!

Why This Group Will 40x Your Progress

I want to illustrate to you fully why this group is the key to your success. You will all grow together and build long lasting business relationships which will return an incredible amount of leverage, money and business opportunities.

Importance Of Community

Helping others and helping each other is so incredibly important. When you have like minded people to support you, you progress so much faster and you believe in your self and the strategy.

Long Term Thinking

I know you have heard this before, but you need to wrap your head around this concept. Even people who say "Yeah, I think long term" will flake out after 2 or 3 months and they never understand why they are not making any money.

Attitude Towards Money - Re-investing!

This tutorial will teach you about the mentality you need to have to the money you earn, when you start to see results. This plays a HUGE part in your online journey and most people do not understand this part.

Value First, Sell Later.

This is the cornerstone of a valuable and stable business. This tutorial will talk you through what mentality you have to adopt if you want to succeed online.

Right vs Wrong

There is a right way and there is a wrong way. This is the first out of MANY moral tutorials where I will shed some light on what you can and cannot do. We are a group and we need work to the same moral standard.

1-1 Coaching
5 Lessons

Moral Compass

This moral compass module will teach you how I think online and how I want you to grow your new business. It is vital you put your honesty and integrity above all else, especially money, because your business will not grow without it.

Cornerstone Of This Community

I want to illustrate why this group is going to be so powerful. The Internet Marketing world is a scary, dark and slippery place. It is so important you understand why we need to stay together.

Never Do Black Hat

This lesson will illustrate clearly why black hat SEO is ALWAYS a bad idea. You need to avoid the temptation of doing this and do not work with anyone who uses these kind of strategies.

Honesty = You Do Not Need A Good Memory

If you are ONLY honest and down to earth then you do not need a good memory. If you lie or try to be a snake oil salesman, then you will get caught out and you will always be looking over your shoulder.

Scarcity & Pressure Selling. How NOT To Do It!

Scarcity is a huge part of selling, and it really does work. However, most people use this completely incorrectly and suffer as a consequence. This will shed some light on this topic.

Dissecting Bad Products

This lesson will give you a clear overview of what constitutes a "bad product" and why you must never promote anything which has these characteristics.