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Digital Nomad Group: Implementation

7 Lessons Advanced

About this course

Here we begin the implementation of the strategy. Take your time here and get to grips with the implementation and how you should proceed. There is no rush. Take your time and let things develop naturally.

Training Steps

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Value Based Video Vs Review Video Ratio

This lesson will teach you why the ratio between value based and review based videos need to be a certain way. Let me explain.

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Create: Value Based Tutorials – 3 Step Process

This tutorial will teach you how to create the value based tutorials which will bring in traffic, leads and sales to your funnel. Follow this method and you will see results.

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Create: Product Reviews – 3 Step Process

Here, I will teach you how to create product review based on my own experience and the foundation reviews I will create for you. Follow these steps with ease!

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Recording Setup For Your Videos

Let's take a look at the equipment you need to record your videos. This is very important to ensure your viewers get the best experience.

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Product Reviews: What To Include

In this tutorial, I am showing what details you need to consider when creating a review.

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How To Structure Your Videos

How you structure your videos is very important. Please use this as guidance and ask me if anything does not make sense.

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Uploading/Ranking YouTube Videos

This lesson shows you how to upload and rank YouTube videos. Remember, this is not about vanity metrics, such as your view count, it is about creating a large volume of videos fast which you can leverage.