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Email Marketing Wizardry

10 Lessons Intermediate

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Let's set up our automatic email funnel to increase our sales and engagement from our list. This will drastically increase our progress.

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Streamlining With Email Automation

Let me give you an overview of what is going to happen in this modules. We are going to keep it as simple as possible so you can move forward.

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5 Day Automation – Overview

Here is a clear overview of the 5 day promotional automation to help you make sales from your list as soon as possible.

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5 Day Automation – Bridge Page

The bridge page is easy to make. Follow along and you can create a highly converting bridge page in no time. There are many different ways of doing this and the best way it to fail forward.

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5 Day Automation – Creating The Review

Creating your review video for your offers can sometimes be a daunting tasks. Let me share a few tricks with you so you can move forward easier with less procrastination.

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5 Day Automation – Creating The Emails

Writing emails can be a nightmare, especially in the beginning when you do not feel you know enough. This process is easier than you may think. Let me know you.

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5 Day Automation – Putting It All Together

Let's put all the pieces together and link up our emails with the bridge page and add them all to the automation.

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Broadcasting Guide

Broadcasting is a very important aspect of your money making journey. This is where you build the long term relationship with your list.

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Broadcasting Automation

By using a simple automation you can heavily increase your open rates and increase your customer reach. Follow these steps to set this up in no time.

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Broadcasting Schedule

Having a solid schedule is important when sending broadcasts. You want your audience to get used to hearing from your at certain times in the week.

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Broadcasting Ideas

There is an endless amount of ideas and tricks when it comes to content you can use to send out to your list. Finding "stuff to broadcast" is remarkably easy once your experience grows.