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Expanding Social Media Presence

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Growing your social media presence is essential for most niches. This is a great traffic source and the ability to get your brand out there into the masses.

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Training Steps

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Understanding Engagement & Algorithm

Social media networks are advertising platforms. That is what they do, nothing more. Do not mix up the idea of them being a social site, it is not. Their primary focus is to sell ad space.

You must understand that the organic reach on most social media platforms is really low. There is a LOT of noise on these platforms as you are competing for attention.

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When Do you Start?

By using common sense you can WAIT and leverage your future growth to jet-pack your social media growth.

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Long Term Social Media Growth

Do not fall into the trap of setting up a social media profile “just to do it”. Be practical and think hard about this. Are you “ready” to have a social media profile? If not, it is TOTALLY fine. You can come back later, when you have enough content, and set everything up when you feel ready.

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Creating Engagement

Usually, if you add a link to an external source to a social media post the organic reach is lower. To increase your reach, keep all content on the social media platform. For example, if I were to share a video, I would upload it directly to Facebook and NOT share the YouTube link. That will keep people on Facebook and increase the organic reach.

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Time For Action + Tasks

Comparing yourself to others is 100% natural. You should always look at others and seek inspiration BUT do NOT let it deflate you. When you look at a niche authority, appreciate that they are 10,000 hours ahead of you.