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Step 18 - Landing Pages & List Building

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About this course

Landing pages and list building is very important to grow your business. Learn how you can build landing pages and grow your list in the process.

Training Steps

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18.1 – Example Landing Pages

Here I am going to show you some examples of landing pages so you understand what it's all about. A landing page comes in many forms and can serve multiple functions. Your job is to leverage it and make it solve the user's query to the best of your ability.

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18.2 - A Mind Map To Explain Landing Pages

I have created this mindmap so you can see exactly how a landing page plays into the whole Action Plan and how to use this to increase your exposure and business growth.

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18.3 - Keeping The Congruency

Keeping the same message between the different segments of a funnel is important. This training will show you how to keep the message the same so you keep the attention of your audience.

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18.4 – Building A Landing Page, Live.

Let's build a landing page live so that you can see how I do it. even with a poorly designed landing page, you can make good sales. It is about actually doing it and moving forward as you go. 

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18.5 - 7x Ways To Build Your List

Here I have collected 7 simple ways you can use to grow your list. use these on a consistent basis and you will see your list grow steadily over time.

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18.6 – Copywriter 101 – Complete Guide

This comprehensive copywriting guide will teach you about the skill of writing convincing copy for your sales pages, lead magnets and much more. Well worth a read!

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18.7 - Building A Kickass Presell Page + Free Template

In this lesson, I will teach you how to build a pre-sell page and you also get a template which you can import into your Thrive Architect.

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18.8 - How To Create A Highly Converting Squeeze Page

In this tutorial, I am showing you how to create a highly converting squeeze page. The simpler the better and "less is more" when creating squeeze pages.