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Step 6 - Creating Valuable Content!

11 Lessons Intermediate

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Learn why it's important to create valuable content and understand why "user intent" is SO vital. Create content for your audience and what they WANT!

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6.1 – What Kind Of Content To Create

Here you will learn what kind of content you need to create for your audience. The limit here is your imagination and you are never restrained to one area or idea. Think outside the box here!

6.2 – Blogging & SEO

Here you will learn the difference between the type of content you create for SEO or for social media. You need to consider this when you create content so you understand how to structure your content.

6.3 – Keyword Research

Here we return to keyword research to help you understand how to find low competition keywords and develop your content ideas. Make sure you create your free account with Jaaxy!

6.4 – Ranking Content In Google (SEO)

Here I outline the ranking factors of Google and show you how to rank your articles. It is important you understand what you can achieve realistically as a single individual online. These ranking factors work, it's as simple as that!

6.5 – Social Media

Here you will learn about creating content for social media. What kind of content do you create? What are the important elements to consider here?

6.6 – YouTube

This tutorial talks briefly about YouTube and then links back to the YouTube training inside Step 3 where you learn about creating content for YouTube.

6.7 - Thinking Outside The Box!

Here I talk about how you need to learn to think outside the box to get new content ideas and inspiration for your content creation. Things are never as black and white as they may seem. You can literally get content ideas from ANYWHERE.

6.8 – 10x Your Blogging Results!

This training will show you how you can 10x your blogging results. You need to be mature enough and be willing to do the work because doing the bare minimum will get you minimal results, funnily enough.

6.9 – How To Turn PLR Into A Valuable Resource

This lesson will teach you how to turn a generic PLR content into something more valuable. Something you can brand and sell as your own.

6.9.1 - How To Use PLR For Instant Content Ideas

This lesson will explore how you can turn PLR into instant content structure or ideas!

6.9.2 - Why I Hate PLR - Most Of The Time

In this short tutorial, I will share with you why you need to be wary of PLR products. They do have their uses but do not be fooled by them.

  • Lorraine B says:

    “You have to eat shit” …. LOL, you are brilliant πŸ™‚

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    Brilliant Training

  • Jason says:

    Great suggestion. Try to make money in which we are good at.

  • timothy T says:

    Valuable Info! Love the message and the delivery.

  • Jim Moynihan says:

    Great information. Never seen training in relation to using your time before.

  • Marie Ange G says:

    so far so good!

  • says:

    for some reason, I thought you released 3 modules…am I wrong about that?

    • Phillip Borrowman says:

      Hey! Yep, this week was only 2 modules…

      Monday: Module 1: The Foundations
      Time: Your Achilles Heel
      The Magic Power
      Mindset & Attitude
      Tuesday: Module 1: The Foundations
      Thinking Long Term
      Attitude Towards Your Business
      Wednesday: Module 2: The Strategy
      Overview of Philip’s Personal Blueprint
      Why This Strategy Works: The Funnel
      Thursday: Module 2: The Strategy
      Overview Of YOUR Funnel/Blueprint
      Making Yourself Bulletproof!
      How To Find Products To Review
      Friday: Weekly Webinar, Recap & Accountability Session

  • duncan swan says:

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    Clicked YES. … message says Oops ! This is for members only?

  • duncan swan says:

    Brilliant so far as expected.Thanks Phillip

  • says:

    Don’t forget 4.2 , Rinse & Repeat or like I say FOCUS … cause that is where the money is found…

  • says:

    Great training Philip!

  • says:

    Took me a while to move around in the Thrive Architech page builder but doing much better now. I watched the video twice now and made screen shots an a little booklet so I can do it easier next time

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    philip grt idea to drip feed-as u pointed out the reasons, but 1 major reason is all these courses r also put up in sites like-getwsodo,blackhatforums

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    hi philip, the call yesterday was around 2 am india so could not attend, when will the live recording be uploaded.


  • Jim Moynihan says:

    Looking forward to the journey.

  • says:

    It was interesting that I found that I already had a license for 12 Thrive Architec installs, tried a few themes not sure which I will endup with. I did not see which contact form you used so went with contact 7. I have a lot of learning-messing arount to do with the page builder to get good use of it. this was the first module I was tempted to skip a a bit as I have built a lot of websites over the years…crappy ones but I built them πŸ™‚

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      It’s important not to skip anything. You are more than welcome to build your site any way you want but you should still watch my tutorials so you don’t miss anything.

  • duncan swan says:

    Brand new to this site. Looks very in depth and well put together.
    Thanks Phillip

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Cheers Duncan! There is over 30 hours just inside the Action Plan alone so I hope you get stuck in. If you need anything at all then let me know!

  • Jeff Cutts says:

    At last I now understand the relationship between an objective an Adset and an Ad …. Thanks JK and Philip

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    Very nice set up….love it!! Excited to dig in!

  • Jeff Cutts says:

    Thanks Philip for this very valuable content. It has highlighted many holes I had in my approach to the whole process of marketing online. I love the logical step by step training segments, that are so down to earth and honest. They are valuable modules for an absolute beginner like me.

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