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Understanding Business - Data Analysis

17 Lessons Hardcore

About this course

In this section, we will dissect live data and sales to truly understand what is going on with your statistic and results.

Training Steps

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8 Months In - You Are Already Making $30,000 Per Year!

Did you know you are already making $30,000+ per year but you just don't know it yet.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding your customer value is key. Looking at the lifetime value can give you a real insight into why short term thinking leads to failure every time.

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Checkup & Analytical Reality Check

This will give you some perspective on how to digest your progress.

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Analytical Reality

Here I will show you inside my analytics to make you see the reality!

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Analytical Reality - Long Term Thinking

In this tutorial, I take a closer look at the long term brewing period of value videos. Once again, this goes to show how well this strategy works.

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Analytical Reality - Understanding Value of Your Content

It is so easy to look at short term results and think "What's the point??". If you have a narrow mindset you will fail every time.... this video will continue to digest my own analytics to clear your mind.

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Your Business Growth

Your business growth will be inconsistent and emotionally turbulent, to say the least! This tutorial will help you keep perspective.

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Ranking Metrics – Don’t Overthink Them

Most of the ranking metrics are irrelevant until you get comfortable with the "process" of making videos so it is vital you do not overthink things.

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Perspective Of Where You Are At

Perspective is important. Please watch this all the way through.

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Do You Have A Losing Mindset?

Here I will demonstrate Richard journey from a loser to a winner in 60 days....

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Perspective & Controlling The Controllable - Part 1

I made this video to help you keep perspective. Enjoy!

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Perspective & Growth Rate - Part 2

In this tutorial, I will expand on the previous video by going into individual YouTube accounts analytics and showing you the growth of others and what went on.

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Perspective & Shutting The F*% Up & Getting On With It - Part 3

This is part 3 of the perspective series. This is super important. Watch right until the end.

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Keyword Research – Practical Advice

Keyword research is a horrible rabbit hole. It is an important skill to learn BUT there are SO many false positives which skew your belief in yourself and in your content creation.

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$1000s From Simple Videos - Perspective

Here is yet another video to prove how well everyone are doing in the DNG. Perspective is the key for YOU to maintain a healthy mindset.

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Perspective - A Drop In Income

Richard, Bryan and Ken have made $1000s promoting ATB. However, in the coming months their earnings will drop drastically.

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Knowing What They Know Now - What Would They Do Differently

With hindsight you can learn a lot and really help you gain perspective on what you need to do in the future.