Generate 100,000s Of Free Visitors To Your Content With A Simple & Beginner Friendly Strategy WITHOUT Lying or Selling Misleading Products

Here’s what people are saying:

Here are a few of the past students of The Advanced Traffic Blueprint. The main focus of this course is honesty, transparency and growing an evergreen business. You will truly discover the secret to this strategy and long term business growth.

Bryan Keal

Launch Jacker

"The training is easy to follow and given to you in bite size pieces. All you need to do is compete all the tasks and take action!"

Riki Hoople

Affiliate Marketer

"I've learnt more in the last 30 days than I have probably in the last year!" 

Bryan Toder

Affiliate Marketer

"Yes, this is working for me! Why? because I am actually doing the programme. I am building my email list... this is really amazing!"

Here’s what people are saying about ATB:

Richard Darby

Affiliate Marketer

"I have met Philip in person and I can verify his honesty and transparency. His coaching is excellent, especially for beginners."

Peter Byrne

Affiliate Marketer

"This step by step training will get your business up and running quickly and effectively"

George Drum

Affiliate Marketer

"The thing that is most impressive about this training is that it stopped my bleeding.... I was bouncing from one product to another, until I met Philip"

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course...

Dennis Wright

Affiliate Marketer

"I spent years spinning my wheels... finally, I realised I needed a mentor. I came across Philip Borrowman, which lead me to join his mentoring group."

Dinesh Sumer

Affiliate Marketer

"What the ATB course really did for me was to give me structure and focus. A lot of this training I knew before but Philip puts it together in way that just makes you wanna do it. You have to work for it, nothing is going to fall on your lap"

Brian Van Winkle

Affiliate Marketer

"Philip will ensure you build a sustainable, honest and real business online. The ATB training will change your life if you take action and move forward in the step by step training."

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not got time to devote 30 days this month. Can I still use the training?

Yes, the training is evergreen and you can take your time with this training. The ATB training is the foundation which you can come back to at any time to continue the training.

How soon will I make money?

There is no way to know when you will make your first sale. Some people make their first sale within a month, others take over one year. Try not to focus on the money, focus on you and growing your experience and niche knowledge.

How much does it cost on a monthly basis?

To run an online business you need between $40 and $150 per month for the basic tools. If you consider how lucky we are. We are able to generate $1000 of dollars in commissions with minimal investment. Most brick and mortar businesses cost $100,000s to set up.

What if I get lost? What do I do?

You will have Philip at your fingertips one email and you will have your answer within a few minutes. You also have access to the close nit Inner Circle Community App as well so you can ask ATB alumni questions too!

Will I know exactly what to do AFTER the 30 day period?

Yes, after the 30 day period there is also a bonus workshop where you will be told EXACTLY what to do after the 30 day period to continue to grow your new business.

Do I need any technical skills?

No, you do not need a high level of technical ability. You have to have basic skills and an open mind to be willing to learn. You WILL have times when you have to use your intuition and problem solving skills to figure out problems but this is not a problem for most. Also, you have full support from Philip and his Inner Circle.

Do I need to appear on camera?

No, you do not have to appear on a webcam. In fact, I encourage my students to NOT appear on camera for at least your first 50 videos so you can practice creating great content.

But I don’t know how to make money online, I’m not an expert!

That does not matter. As long as you have a great attitude you can develop and learn fast. It is so easy to gain experience in this niche when you have good training. Inside ATB you have a solid foundation of how to expand your knowledge and skyrocket knowledge and expertise.

How often can I contact you, Philip, if I get stuck?

You can contact Philip and any ex ATB member inside our community as often as you want to ask for advise and help. You will have direct access to Philip and the whole community.

Is this a real business or just a gimmick?

This is indeed a real business. Many of my students are on the way to a full time income using this exact strategy. You have to take it seriously and be willing to commit to the strategy. This is real and you can make it a reality.

What will my friends and family think? They undermind me on this

Unfortunately, most family and friends do not support people like us. This is something almost all newbie affiliate marketers struggle with. This makes having a close nit community becomes even more important. Which you get when you join ATB.

Is this good for part-time or is this a full time commitment?

You can work on this as much or as little as you want. Obviously there more the better, but you do not need to commit full-time. There are many people who use this strategy but can only do 5 or 10 per week.

Here’s what people are saying about ATB:

Khodor Ghalayini

Affiliate Marketer

"The value you get inside this course is priceless. It's worth every single penny!"

Baruch Vargas

Affiliate Marketer

"This course is one of the best course I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot of courses. This has laid down the groundwork for my future success."

Serge Baptiste

Affiliate Marketer

"The ATB course was, to me, the best training I have ever taken. If I did not take this program I don't think I would be able to start my online business."