Importance of progress and investing in yourself!

Learn by doing! Move forward and keep developing yourself!

Watch these three videos to see the progression I am making. I made this progression by practising,  making mistakes, overcoming the fear of ridicule and rinsing and repeating.

This was my FIRST video I posted on my "About  Me" page on

As you can see, I am slow and nervous. I am not comfortable in front of the camera and a TOTAL amateur...

BUT, we all have to start somewhere...

This was my SECOND video I posted on my "About  Me" page on

You can see I am gaining confidence and I have better lighting and my logo in the background to brand myself.

Still lots of room for improvement but a noticeable difference.

This was recorded about 8 months after the first video!

This is my THIRD video I posted on my "About Me" page on - recorded last week!

You can see a MASSIVE improvement. Better camera and audio. I am now using a proper background and great overlays.

This was recorded over 14 months after the first video. This is real and noticeable improvement. Some might say it even looks professional!

I can thank my brother Sean for doing the editing and he is now gonna bring a great sense of professionalism to my videos!

Thank you. bro!!!!

During the 14+ month between the first and last video here I have recorded 1000s of videos. I have practised and worked my ass of to build my confidence and knowledge within my niche.