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How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer Without Wasting More Time & Money!

Beginner Friendly. Uncover The Truth & Build Passive Income 

Make more progress in 30 days than you have done in the last 365!

  • Discover how to get traffic, leads & sales for free!
  • 4x LIVE coaching/Q&A workshops. 
  • Full support from me for 30 days.
  • 100% Step-by-Step guidance with over 50 tutorials.
  • Bridge page/Review page templates included.
  • DFY Email sequence automation & swipes.
  • A proven strategy. Simple implementation.
  • Everything is recorded and evergreen.
  • 50% Lifetime Discount For Taking Action Online

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What Do My Students Think?

Ken Furukawa

"This is a great opportunity. This strategy allows me to get myself and my brand in front of traffic."

Ian Waugh

"Philip is the most helpful mentor you could ever want! I came across Philip online about 2 years ago... he is unique!"

Bryan Toder

"Yes, this is working for me! Why? because I am actually doing the programme. I am building my email list... this is really amazing!"

Richard Darby

"I have met Philip in person and I can verify his honesty and transparency. His coaching is excellent, especially for beginners."

Peter Byrne

"This step by step training will get your business up and running quickly and effectively"

George Drum

"The thing that is most impressive about this training is that it stopped my bleeding.... I was bouncing from one product to another, until I met Philip"

Ken Made Over $1,500 From One Single Review!

"I want to help you see genuine results
- Philip Borrowman

Bryan Toder - Coaching Student

"Bryan Toder, one of my 1-1 coaching students inside my Nomad Group, has seen fantastic results.

Even though he is in my full time (full price) coaching group, he is still using the same strategy I am teaching in the budget coaching group.

After 60 days he has only got a list of 50 subscribers and 104 YouTube subscribers but, because the strategy I show is SO effective, he is achieving $2 EPC and $479 in sales in just 60 days using FREE traffic!

I could not be happier and it goes to show how effective my coaching is."

- Philip Borrowman

[update] By July, Bryan's commissions have crossed $4000!!! All with 100% Free traffic!

Dennis Wright

"I spent years spinning my wheels... finally, I realised I needed a mentor. I came across Philip Borrowman, which lead me to join his mentoring group."

Dinesh Sumer

"What the ATB course really did for me was to give me structure and focus. A lot of this training I knew before but Philip puts it together in way that just makes you wanna do it.

You have to work for it, nothing is going to fall on your lap"

Richard Darby joined my Digital Nomad coaching back in October of 2019.

He is using the same strategy you learn in my Advanced Traffic Blueprint training and he is now making minimum of $800+ per month.

By October of 2020, he will be making in the region of $1500 per month and rising every month.

One month after the Facebook screenshot above, Richard has now monetised his channel and is making $600 per month in passive income. In a year from today, he will be quitting his full time job!

Brian Van Winkle

"Philip will ensure you build a sustainable, honest and real business online.

The ATB training will change your life if you take action and move forward in the step by step training."

What is this training about?

This budget coaching is a to-the-point and barebone 1-1 coaching group which will last 30 days. I am teaching the same strategy I teach my full time 1-1 students in my Nomad Group, only on a budget level, but without lowering the quality of the training.

You will learn the art of launch jacking and product review creation using YouTube. BUT, done the CORRECT way!

This is not about promoting everything and anything that you can. This is about providing genuine help and value to your followers.

You will learn:

  • Over 50 tutorials.
  • 4 Live workshops & FULL Q&A (no sales. 100% education)
  • How to create quality reviews.
  • Understand why 90% of what you think you know is wrong!
  • How to actually see real results.
  • How to funnel your viewers into a converting funnel.
  • How to find quality products to promote.
  • How to build an evergreen and genuine YouTube channel.
  • How to grow your channel and increase engagement.
  • How to build highly converting squeeze pages.
  • How to make REAL commissions, not just $15 pay-offs.
  • You will get a real inside look Philip's business.
  • YOU will learn more during the 30 days than you have done in the last 365 days online!

You will learn:

  • How to set up email automations.
  • How to ACTUALLY grow your list!
  • How to write emails.
  • How to create video.
  • How to build relationships with audience.
  • How to have HUGE conversion rates!
  • How to make this a genuine evergreen business!
  • Why we ONLY use free/organic traffic to get results like you can see right here:

*Lesson Plan:

Welcome Workshop
This is the welcome webinar to ATB. Do not skip this as you are given some important pointers here. You success depends on your ability to stay focused. Watch the entire things and follow my tasks inside

Module 1: The Foundations
The foundations of your mindset and your outlook on your online journey are the most crucial part of your training. If your mindset is wrong, you will fail, that simple.

Time: Your Achilles Heel
Time is your most precious asset. If you do not manage your time, you are going to struggle. In this tutorial, I try to give you some perspective on how you need to approach your day to day routine.

The Magic Power
Do you have what it takes to follow the training inside ATB and follow it to the letter? Do you think this will have an impact on your success? Well, keep watching.

Mindset & Attitude
Mindset will affect the way you grow. You can grow slowly or quickly; it all depends on your mindset.

Thinking Long Term
Are you thinking long term, or are you rushing things? Long term thinking will help you settle in and improve your work-rate and commitment to your journey. If you rush things, you will suffer.

Attitude Towards Your Business
Your business is your baby. Your business is your life. Here is how you nurture your business and watch it grow!

Module 2: The Strategy

Overview of Philip’s Personal Blueprint
In this tutorial, I give you a clear cut overview of how my funnel works to make it crystal clear in your mind of what we are doing.

Why This Strategy Works: The Funnel
In this tutorial, you will gain a full understanding of why this strategy works so well.

Overview Of YOUR Funnel/Blueprint
I want to show you YOUR funnel and how this will work for you are the beginning. This is very important so you fully understand what you will be doing to generate leads and sales.

Making Yourself Bullet Proof!
This tutorial will teach you how to make yourself bulletproof and ensure you will be able to sleep at night. The last thing you want to do is to promote a bad product just for some easy commissions.

How To Find Products To Review

Let me show you how to find products to promote. This is relatively easy, but it does require some of your time. You need to take this seriously and take your time while working through this process.

Weekly Catch Up & Accountability – Week 1
I share a few more golden nuggets inside the 1st weekly webinar. Any questions then let me know!

Module 3: Building Foundations

Choosing A Domain Name
In this short lesson, you will learn how to choose a domain name which is suitable for you new business.

Building Your Website
Building your website is a simple and straight forward process. However, please follow my instructions clearly, so there is no confusion.

Setting Up YouTube
Setting up YouTube is essential for your business to get started. Follow my steps here and try not to rush this.

Building Website – Finishing Touches
Now it is time to finish off your website with all the bells and whistles. This will take a little bit of time but it is super easy. Take your time and do not rush this process.

Connecting Your Autoresponder
Choosing the correct autoresponder is important, especially if you want me to help you. This tutorial will teach you how to set everything up from scratch

Module 4: Creating Reviews & Traffic

Ethos Of Your Reviews
Your honesty, transparency and integrity should be at the forefront of everything you do online. If you sell your soul for easy and quick commissions then you will not last long in this business.

How To Develop Your Experience
You must have an open mind and realise you need to develop your skillset online. There is no magic fix or any kind of "easy" method. If you commit to improving your skillset, then you will go far.

How To Research A Product - The Vendor
Before you create your reviews, you need to have a look at the vendor to find out who they are and what their history looks like. This gives you an insight into how to do this.

How To Research A Product – The Product
Researching products become second nature after a while. Most of the poor quality products out there follow the same pattern and use the same methods over and over. This tutorial will shed some light on this for you.

How To Record A Review - Prep
Getting ready to record your first review is a daunting task, but it is much easier than you think. Most of the obstacles are in your mindset. Let me show you.

How To Record A Review – Recording
This process is super simple and there is not much technical ability needed. The hard part is getting yourself into the mindset of actually DOING IT!

Uploading & Ranking In YouTube
Uploading and ranking your YouTube videos is a piece of cake. Follow these simple guidelines and you can rank a lot of videos very fast.

Weekly Catch Up & Accountability - Week 2
In this second weekly accountability session, I am revealing some cold hard truths about the online world. You will get more golden nuggets to help you understand what you need to do to succeed online.

Module 5: Building A List & A Following

Overview of Your Squeeze Page
Let me give you a clear overview of your squeeze page so that you fully understand what the different elements are.

Relationship Building: YouTube
Understanding how to build a relationship with your YouTube followers is very important. They are people, not just a list of subscribers.

Relationship Building: Email List
Building a relationship with your followers is key for you to evergreen and recurring income. This tutorial will teach you more about this concept of relationship building.

Why People FAIL With List Building
Most people fail at building a list. Why? Well, because they think short term and obsessed with making money fast. They never understand why their list never grows or buys from them.

Creating Squeeze Page
Creating your squeeze page is a daunting task for newbies, but it is remarkably simple once you understand what you need to do. Let me show you!

Choosing A Core Product To Promote
In this video, I will show you how to choose a core product to promote. This will be the offer you have as a continuous "tripwire product" which all your traffic is funnelled into.

Setting Up Squeeze Page
In this lesson, we will get the finishing touches put on our squeeze page and make it congruent with the core offer we want to promote.

How To Get Approved By Vendors
Getting approved by vendors is super easy, once you get some sales! This tutorial will walk you through what to do.

Avoiding The Spam Filters
Spam filters are a pain in the ass. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to get your emails in a person's inbox. But, these tips will help guide you through the basics.

Module 6: Email Marketing & Making Money

A Clear Overview
This overview will show you the funnel and exactly how you will make money using this strategy using email marketing.

Your Review Page
Let's have a look at your review page and how you can import a template and make it your own.

Your Email Swipes
In this tutorial, I show you some email swipes you can use and I share how you write them so you can create your own for any offer you're promoting.

Your Email Automation
Let's set up your automation so you can send emails automatically to your followers. re-sending emails is super important to ensure you get as many opens and clicks as possible.

Broadcasting – After The Welcome Emails
Broadcasting is an important part of your business because it allow you to keep the relationship with your audience alive in between promotions. Keep watching!

Weekly Catch Up & Accountability - Week 3
This 3rd weekly webinar covers what we learnt this week and I answer all your questions as honestly and as in-depth as I can. Please watch the entire webinar, do not skip or try to "learn faster" as you are only punishing yourself.

Module 7: Running An Affiliate Promotion

Overview: Let’s Look At The Funnel
This will give you a clear overview of exactly what this promotion is about and how this works. Remember to keep things simple. Do not over complicate this process.

Who Do You Email?
This super short video will show you which segment of your list you will email your promotions to. This is important to avoid sending too many emails.

Creating The Videos
In this tutorial, I am going to show you what you need to include in your videos. You need to be to the point and succinct and not waste people time.

Writing The Emails
Writing the emails for you promotions is relatively simple. Do not over complicate the process. Follow this tutorial.

Creating The Pages
Creating the pages you need for this promotion is straight forward. I have the templates ready for you and all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

How To Start The Promotion
This short tutorial will teach you how to start the promotion. This is how you start the automation which initiates the automatic sequence of emails.

Setting Up Automation
In this tutorial, I will show you how to import and set up the email automation which you need to make your promotion work for you. This seems complicated at the beginning but it quickly becomes second nature.

Overview: Putting It All Together
This short video will give you an overview of what you have just learnt. It is important you fully understand all the steps so please do go back and watch everything again.

A LIVE Example
Here is the entire process put together so you can see exactly what you have to do. All the swipes, pages and information is here in one video. You now know exactly what to do.

Module 8: Future Growth & Domination

The Secret To Online Success
As part of the last module, I am revealing some simple truths about your future and how you grow as a marketer. There is no magic here, guys. Stick with the basics and you will grow.

Super High Conversion Rates
In this tutorial, I will go over how you get really high conversion rates. As a small marketer, you need to leverage what you have and you need to earn more from a smaller list. This is how you achieve this!

Beating The Daily Grind
The daily grind will wear you down. The daily grind will stop you from progressing. I want to help you gain perspective on what you need to do to overcome this frustration.

Increasing Your Influence
You need to learn how to increase your influence and develop yourself as a marketer. It is a relatively simple process but it takes time, which is something most people do not want to hear.

Weekly Catch Up & Accountability – Week 4
This is the last of the weekly catch up sessions and "the end" of the ATB training. Please watch this entire webinar as there are lots of amazing questions being asked here.

Bonus: How To Become A Super Affiliate

In this bonus workshop, I am teaching you how you can grow beyond this strategy. I will teach you how to become an authority and truly grow your business. I am not promoting anything in this webinar - this is 100% free and included in the ATB training.

"I wish I had this coaching when I first started"

>> Philip Borrowman

The hardest part of "making it" online is finding genuine and practical training. You can buy all the courses under the sun but unless you actually put them into action, nothing happens!

That is why I was so happy when I could see my 1-1 students make sales within the first 60 days of starting my coaching. 

Most of my students see more progress in 60 days with me than they have done in 5 years alone!

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