Coaching Terms & Conditions - Updated October 7th 2021

Terms & Conditions - Digital Nomad Group

Future T&C changes and Philip’s discretion applies to these T&C. As the DNG and TAO and all products, tools, apps and software within are constantly evolving and developing these conditions may change. To be part of the DNG is to accept these continuous changes. Discontinued features from the past cannot be refunded, reinstated or used in any way.

Digital Nomad Group (Phase 1-7)

Price: @ $9997 (or $1,666/m for 6 months)

Future T&C changes and Philip’s discretion applies to all these points.

Phase 1-7 Includes:

  • 6 Month Membership with Non-Disclosure Agreement To Be Signed
  • 3 Month Full On-Boarding with unlimited 1-1, 30-minute calls, during Phase 1 to 7 of training modules.
    • 1 call per month after 3 months of onboarding booked when a student needs it.
  • Tailored Step By Step Instructions & 1-1 Guidance
    • Step by step tasks to set up 7 Phase funnel.
  • Implementation Accelerators
    • Quizzes & Assessments to ensure streamlined learning.
    • Day to Day Checklists
    • 1-1 Support with Tailor-Made Step By Step Tasks
    • High-End PLR Content Database For:
      • Bonus Creation
      • Content Ideas
      • Product Creation
      • DFY Scripting
      • Etc…
  • 50% Commissions On All DNG/TAO Products for 6 months, excluding monthly DNG  Intermediate/Elite fee.
  • Free access to full Thrive Suite + all Thrive Plugins
  • Provely and PressPlay included.

After 6 Month Phase 1-7 Course Finishes

  • A full 1-1 debrief and implementation plan session will be scheduled to give a clear roadmap of “what’s next?”
  • After 6 month period, students can no longer promote DNG/TAO products, except for STB and SSB. Other product links will be void.
    • Alternative products will be listed in the “debrief”.
    • Students can not use the 12 Step Lead Magnet.
  • Lifetime access to TAO, ATB, STB, SSB. (Does not include any future training, courses, coaching, 1-1 sessions or software/apps/tools/hosting)
  • Lifetime access to the core (Phase 1 to 7) DNG training + updates.
    • Lifetime access will be revoked if full payment of $9997 (or $1,666/m for 6 months) is not received in full from 6 months of joining DNG.
  • Removal from selected group chat rooms & announcements once 6-month membership is complete.
  • Student can continue the coaching by becoming a member of the Intermediate DNG, subject to availability and compatibility.
  • Access to full Thrive Suite + all Thrive Plugins will be removed.
  • Provely and PressPlay access will be removed.

Digital Nomad Group (Intermediate)

Price: $249/m

Future T&C changes and Philip’s discretion applies to all these points. Subject to availability and compatibility.

  • This is a continuation of the DNG where students want to continue to develop their business into a full time income.
  • Students can continue using 12 Step Lead Magnet
  • Free access to full Thrive Suite + all Thrive Plugins
  • Free access to Provely and PressPlay
  • Continued support from Philip + community.
    • 1x 30-minute 1-1 call per month booked by students when needed.
    • Group Meetings and group chats
  • You’re in or you are out. If you leave and want to come back that is fine but you would need to pay up the missing monthly payments, otherwise, people can come back in 12 months and only pay one months costs to get all the benefits.
    • For example - if someone leaves the group for any reason and wish to come back in 6 months, they would need to pay 6x $249 payments in one lump sum before being allowed back in.
  • Joint promotion teamwork using the strategy.
  • Fresh High-End PLR Content Database - average value $147 each!
  • Exclusive rights to promote all TAO products.
    • Excluding any previous affiliate partners Philip has worked with.
  • Continous relationship building and partnership building with other DNG members.

Digital Nomad Group 6 Month Coaching Period (ELITE)

Price: No Extra Cost

Future T&C changes and Philip’s discretion applies to all these points. Subject to availability

  • This will be a continuous “in and out” basis as only students who are “readily available & active” can be in this part of the DNG.
  • Assigned “Elite DNG” Status to continue to work with Philip as a JV partner/business partner with continued support and 1-1 guidance.
  • Direct support where Philip will work closely with students to develop channels using screen share and 1-1 calls, delve deep into analytics and set implementation plans to:
    • Scale traffic with paid ads
    • Scale engagement with engagement strategies
    • Scale sales with harder email marketing
  • Independent product development so students can create and launch their own products.
  • Continuous case studies shared in a communal database to explore different traffic sources, concepts and ideas.

When Students Leaves/Dicontinues the Intermediate/Elite Digital Nomad Group.

  • A full 1-1 debrief and implementation plan session will be scheduled to give a clear roadmap of “what’s next?”
  • Students can no longer promote DNG/TAO products, except for STB and SSB. Other product links will be void.
    • Alternative products will be listed in the “debrief”.
    • Students can not use the 12 Step Lead Magnet.
  • Lifetime access to TAO, ATB, STB, SSB. (Does not include any future training, courses, coaching, 1-1 sessions or software/apps/tools/hosting)
  • Lifetime access to the core (Phase 1 to 7) DNG training + updates.
  • Removal from selected group chat rooms & announcements.
  • Access to full Thrive Suite + all Thrive Plugins will be removed.
  • Provely and PressPlay access will be removed.
  • If student wish to re-join then a lump sum of missed monthly payments needs to be paid. For example, if students wants to re-join after 12 months, then a payment of 12x $249 needs to be paid before allowing to re-join. The student will also have to pay the latest monthly fee, even if it is higher. To continue the example, above a fee of 12x $249 wil be taken one time and then the student will pay the new monthly fee structure, whatever that may be.

Key Points About The Digital Nomad Group (Phase 1-7, Intermediate, and Elite)

  1. All DNG students must be compliant with the "Day To Day Implementation" training inside DNG.
  2. Members of the DNG can be removed at any point for cause from the DNG. Philip Borrowman's discretion is used here as each student is different and each student's needs and commitment levels vary/fluctuate drastically.
  3. Members of the DNG will be removed when/if Philip Borrowman deems their contributions/commitment/video output/mindset to no longer be suitable or sustainable to grow their business.
  4. When the membership ends with DNG all access to any tools/software/app provided as part of the DNG membership will be removed.
  5. Members of the DNG are not permitted to download any of the content/videos from the DNG training at any point without expressed permission from Philip Borrowman.
  6. Due to the complexity and continuing development of the DNG, Philip Borrowman reserves the right to change the T&C of the DNG at any point to reflect new changes in T&C. By purchasing and being part of the DNG you accept this condition and you agree to accept future changes to the T&C.
  7. Anyone who cancels or stops the monthly payments to Digital Nomad Group can re-join the group at any time. However, they are required to join under the latest monthly pricing structure (which is $9997 one time (or $1,666/m for 6 months) at the time of writing) Plus, they need to pay any outstanding balance in full of their previous membership. Any prior pricing structure will NOT be grandfathered in.
    1. For example - if someone leaves the group after 3 months for any reason and wish to come back in 12 months, they would need to pay 3 x $1,666 in one lump sum before being allowed back in to clear the 3 months worth of payments missed from the 6-month DNG Phase 1-7 term. Or 12 x $249 in lump sum if they were part of the Intermediate/Elite group.
  8. All DNG members must produce videos on a consistent level, contribute to the TAO community, contribute to the DNG Skype group and complete ALL tasks given by Philip Borrowman in Skype Announcements. Point 1 and 2 and 3 applies here as each DNG student have a personal relationship with Philip Borrowman where his discretion is used to determine how a student is progressing and whether or not the student is progressing as they should be.
  9. Any DNG member found to break the Non-Disclosure Agreement will be removed from the group and legal action will be taken.

In plain English

"This is literally an opportunity of a lifetime. My DNG students will never find a better opportunity than this. People need tough love to get moving forward, and this policy clause will give them that.

This is not a "get your finger out of your ass" talk. It's a get "your head out of your ass" talk.

Personally, I'd be miffed because if the students of DNG decide not to do any work it means they are treating this like another bright shiny object.

This is real

At the end of the day, if someone does not make any progress due to lack of understanding, personal distractions, loss of motivation, or lack of organisation, and I am unable to guide them efficiently then there is nothing I can do to reel a person back in.

Having someone scraping by month by month without any forward thinking or planning serves no purpose in business.

The student fall further and further behind, missing all announcements and developments.

If a student does not show improvement or any entrepreneurial spirit then they are wasting their time being part of the Digital Nomad Group.

I do not want people to be part of the group "just to be part of a group". I need entrepreneurs who want to push forward.

The purpose of this community (The Digital Nomad Group) is to build a network of profitable affiliates, business partners and a growing community where everyone works together.

The whole community benefits from the collected experiences, development, training modules and shared resources.

To keep the purpose of this community alive there must be a minimum contribution from all members which is outlined inside the DNG training modules, called: Core Basics, Implementation & Day To Day Implementation.” 

Refund Policy

There are NO refunds for the purchase of The Digital Nomad Group (1-1 Coaching Group) or any 1-1 coaching Group published inside TAO, including The Advanced Traffic Blueprint and Digital Nomad Group "Drop In Sessions".

Agreement upon purchase

By entering your details and completing a purchase from Taking Action Online Ltd,, Philip Borrowman or any other body associated with, including the Digital Nomad Group and The Advanced Traffic Blueprint, you agree fully and unconditionally to the entirety of this policy.

If you do not agree or consent to the term in this policy, please do not make a purchase. If you are unsure, please do not make a purchase. If you agree only to parts of this policy, please do not make a purchase.

Product Access / Delivery
Our products are currently delivered by granting customers access to Taking Action Online, Some products may also include the provision of a 1-1 coaching service, such as The Digital Nomad Group or The Advanced Traffic Blueprint.

Delivery of our products happens instantly. As soon as your purchase is processed, you will:
(1) Be redirected in your browser to a page with instructions on how to access your products AND
(2) Be issued a receipt (via email) AND
(3) Be sent instructions (either with the receipt or separately, via email) on how to access your products.

Barring technical glitches, you are granted full access to your digital product instantly upon checkout in the condition you agreed to buy it under, such as drip fed content or limited access to specific coaching. We deem any digital products delivered at the time that login details, credentials or instruction on how to access your products have been delivered to you. 

If you choose not to access your products, even after you have been granted access and given instructions on how to do so, we will still consider your digital products delivered.

If you have a concern or want to check on the status of a service you have been promised by a purchase, you can email

Taking Action Online, including The Digital Nomad Group and the The Advanced Traffic Blueprint,  offers non-tangible irrevocable goods.

For example, we may grant you access to digital products (all of which are available for access immediately) or provide a service such as providing one-on-one support or training. Because of the nature of these products, there is no way for you to “return” them to us and there is no way for us to “cancel” your product since the digital products can be readily downloaded and the service(s) cannot be undone.

Because of this, Taking Action Online has a strict no-refund policy on it's 1-1 coaching training, in this case The Digital Nomad Group and The Advanced Traffic Blueprint.

Customers are given access to The Membership Site automatically and instantaneously upon checkout. Hence any refund requests made after access to The Membership Site is provided, will not be granted. This means that even if you do not log in to the membership site, your products have already been delivered because you have been granted access as well as instructions on how to access them and hence they are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy

Who We Are

This privacy policy is for  The Digital Nomad Group (1-1 Coaching Group) & The Advanced Traffic Blueprint, which is part of Taking Action Online.

The Digital Nomad is part of Taking Action Online ( and the contents of the The Digital Nomad Group is contained within the membership area/website of Taking Action Online.

Therefore, the Terms & Conditions of both Taking Action Online and The Digital Nomad Group are on and the same.

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Changes to Our Privacy Policy

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Income Disclaimer

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As with any business endeavour, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.

Liability Disclaimer

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