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2nd Reality Check!

Lesson 1

Congrats! You're Finished!

You have finished the "2nd Regrouping Video" section of the Action Plan!

You are now ready to move onto the next part of the training which is the "Creating Valuable Content - Step 6". Here you will learn how to create awesome content which you following will love!

PSST! - Don't forget to use the Progress Tracker to keep a record of where you are inside the Action Plan!

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    Thanks to this training, I’m finally beginning to move from being a “thinker” to being a “practitioner”.

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    I have completed every step so far Philip. I don’t know what to expect but I know I’m moving forward and I’m happy with that :).

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    I can honestly say I have taken action and implemented everything, I remember as a kid looking at a sign in a neighbors kitchen nook that read “If you are so damn smart why ain’t you rich” sort of keeps me on the straight and narrow

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    A New TAO is Coming!


    TAO is now 2.5 years old... it is time for a huge update.

    Over the next 5 months, I am re-shooting all the training inside TAO.

    I want to thank everyone for your support and I have a special offer for you!

    I am adding a huge amount of resources to make TAO as valuable as possible + making the tutorials more more "action driven" and purposeful...

    This is not a Black Friday Deal, it's just a great deal.