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3.9.1 – How Does YouTube Fit Into The Bigger Picture?

Lesson 11

Congrats! You're Finished!

You have finished the "YouTube Training" section of the Action Plan!

You are now ready to move onto the next part of the training which is the "Step 4 - Choosing One Social media Account". Here you will learn why it is so important to focus all you attention on ONE social media platform!

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  • MOHSIN KHAN says:

    You have spoken the truth about YouTube videos for what they can do for one’s online business. Well done, Philips.

  • Pen

    TAO 3.0 is Coming: Next update coming the 29th January

    TAO 3.0 is Coming!


    TAO is now 2.5 years old... it is time for a huge update.

    Over the next 5 months, I am re-shooting all the training inside TAO.

    I am adding a huge amount of resources to make TAO as valuable as possible + making the tutorials more more "action driven" and purposeful...

    Update 13th January:  Step 7 is now ready! Next update coming the 29th Janaury.

    Click here to check the TAO 3.0 progress of updates