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5 Losing Personality Traits of a Newbie Marketer

Lesson 6


There are 5 main problem areas for newbies who try to make it online as an affiliate marketer.

Controlling your emotions is very hard, even after you succeed, and this will make you drift, lose focus and miss great opportunities to grow.

  • Blaming & Complaining
  • Jealousy
  • Overthinking & Stopping at First Sign of Struggle
  • Unprofessional
  • Fear of Failing & Making Assumptions Based on No Evidence

The Problem

From past experience the most important issue is this...

People do not take their journey seriously. They jump around, go in half-hearted and do not think logically.

They follow their emotions rather than fact and reason.

The Solution

Be aware of your action and emotions. Be self aware enough to see when you are "making excuses" based on emotions that lead you down the path of any of these 5 personality traits.

Perspective is VITAL for you to move forward.

Every few weeks look at your activities, content and what you have done and try to identify areas you are letting yourself down by getting distracted.

WATCH: This will give more more perspective

  • Christina S says:

    I came across this same video from Struthless a few months ago and was so impressed that I subscribed to his channel – he comes up with some great insights on creativity and productivity, both of which are as vital to an entrepreneur as to an artist. In this video he highlights several lessons: maintaining focus on just one thing; making progress by taking action; and he briefly mentions his 70% rule which he explains in another video on how to avoid perfectionism.

  • Joshua H says:


    Loving the new content so far my friend. Quick question, what video software do you use? Your video editing has gotten a lot better.

    Just goes to show, keep failing forward until you can’t fail forward anymore! 🙂

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      For this I am just using Screen-Cast-O-Matic… one of the most basic tools as I need to get these videos done quickly and easily without any editing.

  • Pen