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8.1 – Quora & Yahoo Answers

Lesson 1

Please Note:

Free traffic is time-consuming and works along the same basis of social media, with regards to the workload factor as I point out in Step 4.

If you do want to use one of these free traffic methods I would HIGHLY recommend you pick one and focus on building a long term relationship and rapport with that platform.

Spreading yourself over multiple different platforms will not give you good results.

Choose ONE platform and take it seriously enough to build up good karma, points and relationships with other readers. This means when someone checks out your profile they can see you are an authority within your niche!


TAO 3.0 is Coming: Next update coming the 29th January

TAO 3.0 is Coming!


TAO is now 2.5 years old... it is time for a huge update.

Over the next 5 months, I am re-shooting all the training inside TAO.

I am adding a huge amount of resources to make TAO as valuable as possible + making the tutorials more more "action driven" and purposeful...

Update 13th January:  Step 7 is now ready! Next update coming the 29th Janaury.

Click here to check the TAO 3.0 progress of updates