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Note. As of February 2021, Thrive Architect is offered as part of the Thrive Suite membership where you get ALL the plugins under one membership. They no longer sell individual plugins.


Thrive Architect, which comes with Thrive Suite, is by far the best page builder for you to use.

I use it for all my products and all my students use it.

It is SO easy to use and flexible and it's packed with features.

Key  Features:

  • Affordable One Time Fee
  • Intuitive & Easy To Use
  • 100s Of Templates
  • Constantly Updated





Ease of Use


Note. Thrive Architect is included in Thrive Suite.

  • Jon S says:

    Hi Philip,

    Thrive Suite is a yearly subscription of $220 upfront. This is getting out of the realms of affordability straight off the bat. Is it possible to go with another web page builder that you can recommend?



    • Philip Borrowman says:

      There are dozens out there, but few give the value Thrive does. Most are i the $25/$75 per month range. If you do a Google search for “affordable page builder WordPress” you will find an endless amount.

      Thrive does do a “Quarterly” price for only $90, which will give you time to get settled in and then you can upgrade to annual later.

      I know it is tempting to go for a free one but I would advise against that as it always causes problems later.

  • Eric V says:

    Hi, I couldn’t find the One-time fee option for Thrive Architect.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Sorry for late reply. Thrive have now removed the individual product and bundled them all into the Thrive Suite. It’s amazing value so I would get that instead.

  • BERNARD L says:

    Hi, shy to admit this, previously I’ve subscribed to Envato elements ( hence will be utilizing its Elementor page building templates) and also paid up for full Groove funnels platinum membership. Hence, it will be perfectly fine if I use up my own platform to build up my own website instead of further investing in Thrive architect or SIteground right?

  • Pen