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Before We Start: Common Sense Alert

Lesson 1

You must be able to brainstorm, troubleshoot and adapt online. Newbies tend to throw their hands up and give up immediately if something is not lined up for them.

Be flexible. Take on the responsibility to learn.

- Philip Borrowman

Complications Are Inevitable


At some point, you WILL encounter problems with your hosting. Site might go down or be hacked.

Pages may load really slowly even though you have optimized it for speed. Error messages might pop up on plugins, etc.

Page Builders

At some point, you WILL encounters problems with your page builder. Templates not working.

Drag and drop features does not drop elements where you want them and random errors appearing, etc.

Compatibility Issues

At some point, you WILL encounter problems with your plugins. The more plugins you have installed, the bigger the chance of overlapping code and issues arising as a result.

The more custom CSS coding and scripts you add to your site, the more chances of additional complications, etc.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is steep, that simple. However, if you compare it to a regular job, such as becoming an electrician or a mechanic, this "online thing" is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier and simpler...

We are so lucky to be able to do this. So, suck it up. Grow a pair of balls and move forward.

  • Caelan V says:

    So the page builder/theme I use is profit builder 2.0 I like cause it’s simple and easy but will curious to see how you build sights

  • Pen