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Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Planning

Lesson 10

Think like a human, not a robot. Write for your audience, not Google.

Planning is always different depending on the topic you are writing about. Use a simple Word Document or even a pen and paper.

Sit down and follow a logical order and separate your content with the idea of "how can I provide the best value for the search query?"

Philip Borrowman ‧ Taking Action Online

  • Use Sub Headings To Separate the content
  • use bullet points and content blocks to Separate content.
  • use internal links
  • use external links
  • Use images and video
  • Create a longer, better and more valuable Article than the first three results in google.

Is Your Mindset Letting You Down?

Winning Mindset

  • Understand: Even if this "does not rank" you are learning SO much by creating the blog post.
  • Understand: Even if this yields no results, you are expanding your niche knowledge.
  • Understand: The process of completing a great blog post expands your horizons and opens a lot of potential doors down the road.

LOSING Mindset

  • Thinks spending 4 or 5 days on one blog post is too much.
  • Can't be bothered to write a 5000 word article.
  • Forgets about the user intent and only thinks about what "they" want, instead of thinking about what the audience wants.
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