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Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Writing & Editing – Part 1

Lesson 11

There are SO many subtle nuances and skills that creep in when trying to create a blog post.

You will watch me encounter many issues during this process so keep watching. 

Let's create our first blog post!

- Philip Borrowman

Things To Consider
  • Use the voice to text feature to type out your article. Google Docs and Word has this feature.
  • Your feelings do NOT matter. You are creating content for your audience and that is your only goal - solving the user query.
  • When you run intro problems using your page builder. Post inside the support groups of your page builder and they can help.
  • Understand that by overcoming the same hurdles I encounter you are developing much faster as a marketer.
Things to do NOT do
  • Do not copy content from other blogs.
  • Do not use content scrapers or auto content curation software.
  • Do not buy backlinks or any Private Blog Network links.
  • Caelan V says:

    Curious how would you edit a plr blog post from a high quality vendor?

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      You change the words and rewrite as much of it as possible. I never use PLR for articles. If I were to use PLR for articles, I would only use it for content structure and ideas, not the actual content.

  • samuel k says:

    Hi Philip,

    Which Word processor are you using?

  • Andrew L says:

    Hi Philip…in WordPress, what is the difference between a post and a page ?

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