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Create One But Do Not Use It, Yet!

Lesson 4

Facebook & Instagram Is Driven By Engagement*

In the next video, you will create your social media page but before you do keep the following in mind:


  • Social media is driven by engagement.
  • If someone likes your post they are exceedingly likely to see your next post when it is posted.
  • Even with a small audience you can get likes and shares and sales.


  • If you have no content to share, you have nothing to offer to get engagement.
  • If you have no baseline of content on your blog or YouTube channel, you have NOTHING to share.
  • If someone follows you one week but do not see a post from you quickly they forget who you are.

Solution For Highest Engagement

I want you to create a Facebook page/group or Instagram page (in the next video) but do NOT start inviting people to join yet. Wait until you have at least 20+ pieces of content so it will be worth their time to actually follow you AND you have content to engage them with.


Pinterest is also driven by engagement BUT it's main way of displaying content is via search and board collections. Meaning, you can and SHOULD create a Pinterest account right away and start uploading pins.

Why? Because Pinterest operates differently than most platforms where the "search" feature is a huge source of traffic, meaning you can get traffic and followers without relying on engagement.

Check out this Ultimate Guide from Neil Patel on Pinterest marketing.

Extra Ninja Pro Tip + Wake Up Call.

Do not invite all your friends and family to come and like you page or group.

Do not invite random people to join you or follow you.

They WILL NOT engage or care about your content. Your audience MUST be targeted.

  • says:

    That makes perfect sense.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Absolutely… the bigger picture is to “keep you moving forward”. I see so many people posting content to an empty page hoping someone sees it, but no one will. Your social media page will grow but not yet.

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