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Don’t Overthink Your Niche – The Problem

Lesson 1

Beginner marketers assume they have to know everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about a niche before they choose. Wrong.

You can start a niche blog with limited knowledge about that niche. As you start researching, developing and creating blog posts and videos your niche knowledge increases.

Philip Borrowman - Taking Action Online

Know 1% More Than The Next Guy

Your business is built on the need for information about a specific query. Your mission is ONLY to know 1% more than the person Googling for content, solutions or value about that query.


There are over 5,000 people searching for the words "how to boil an egg" in Google every month.

Even though you do not have a "food blog", do you feel qualified to answer this query. I mean, most people know how to boil an egg, right?

BUT, as you can see, there are people searching for it and therefore there is demand for content.

There are literally BILLIONS of keywords covering all niches and the Internet is primed for YOU to come in and make your mark. 

All you need is 1,000 true fans and you have a profitable business online.

  • Simon M says:

    Don’t know why I’m putting this on here but I will anyway. (Btw just joined up to this course 10 minutes ago.) Years ago I made a youtube to solve the huge problem of dogs pooping everywhere. The solution? A flush loo for dogs – simple – that flushes straight to the sewer. Built one, videoed the building, trained my dog to use it when he wants. Videoed that. Problem solved – no more poop scooping, pristine garden. But hardly anyone was interested :/. Not sure what the moral of that is… lol. But think I may need to do something more mainstream – maybe :).

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen those. Brilliant product but I guess people stick to what they know.

      • Simon M says:

        Yes. Unfortunately. A certain John Harington, favourite of Good Queen Bess (Elizabeth 1) invented and installed the first flush loo for her but she wouldn’t use it so we had to wait for Thomas Crapper (sic) to persuade Queen Victoria… Then it went viral, lol.

  • Joshua H says:

    I don’t know about you but I can’t believe that many people are trying to figure out how to boil an egg… 😀

  • Michael L says:

    I agree, overthinking can be our undoing.

  • Pen