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Don’t Overthink Your Niche – The Solution

Lesson 11

Failing forward is LITERALLY the only way for you to learn and move forward. 

You implement, test and learn. When you hit a technical issue or something does not work the way you hoped, you find a solution and try it again... and again... and again!

- Philip Borrowman

  • Ryan G says:

    I would say that my biggest concern or roadblock would be not being a natural content creator. In means of having a enough things to write about or actually being passionate about content writing regardless of your niche. Or even confident about your writing abilities.

    In any event, I willing to learn and fully try this!

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Agreed. Having the courage and the stamina to create content is not easy. You have to overcome the mindset of “I am not good enough” and accept you are failing forward and learning as you go.

  • Simon M says:

    Trying and failing (forward) – many times – hmmm – think I could do that… :). Good philosophy. Shakespeare said something like that too so must be right.

  • Loren G says:

    I listened to the Tom Ferry video attached and he had a valid point about failing until you get to the top. When you think about it, when we were baby’s we fell many, many times until we learned to stand on our two feet without any assistance. Let’s fail together!

  • Pen