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Eliminating Niche Ideas – Common Sense

Lesson 5

Be Real

Common sense cannot be taught. 

Take a good hard look at your list of niches you have put together. 

It is time to start eliminating the niches that are not a good fit for you.

Follow along this video tutorial and remove the niches that you have no interest in, or have not experience with at all.

If you can honestly say "I don't know much about this niche but I would love to learn more" then you can keep it in.

Remember, you do NOT need to have a PHD in a niche to build a business around it but you need to be logical in the choices you make.

The Problem

People have low self esteem and do not believe in themselves.

They choose niches that they think are "easier" and they can "get away with" rather than what they really love or believe in.

The Solution

Take your time and understand that there is no rush in choosing a niche.

You can be really harsh here and remove niches at will because there is LITERALLY an endless supply of niches to choose from.

Take your time and dig deep using Jaaxy and Google. Explore and have fun with this and you WILL find a niche suitable for you and your life experiences.

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    Woud fat Loss be a subniche under health

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