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Eliminating Niche Ideas – E-commerce Niches

Lesson 6

You do not want to choose a niche which is more applicable to e-commerce. We are focusing on "information" niches and "emotional needs" niches. 

There is nothing wrong with e-commerce but that is not the focus of Taking Action Online.

Philip Borrowman - Taking Action Online

Continue to eliminate

Use this tutorial to continue to eliminate niches that are not suitable. Then, move on to the next video and keep going through the process of choosing a suitable niche.

  • TANIA Y says:

    What is your reasoning for not focusing on e-commerce? I had hoped to home in on print-on-demand. Yes print on demand is a broad term but was looking to break this down into a micro niche to help those who are beginners in this market place. When I wrote a blog on the basic checklists and had it on Pinterest people pinned it and showed an interest.

    I think from my perspective I need to find associated affiliate products to support going into this kind of niche which is going to prove a challenge. So maybe I’m answering my own question here!

    There are probably no high ticket affiliate products. But what about subscriptions to training programs or my own membership site?

    Or is this really too much of a difficult market to venture into? Though I must confess people have pain from not knowing how to set up or create products etc.

    What high end affiliate ticket subjects do you recommend as an alternative?

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Finding affiliate programs is not problem. Most products and tools have affiliate/partner programs. Ecommerce is generally more of a “paid traffic” strategy. Yes, you can use blogging and social media but its not something I cover in my training, even though you can take what i teach and simply have ecommerce products instead of affiliate links.

  • Pen