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Finding Niche Idea

Lesson 3

Download Your Niche Ideas Worksheet

Follow the instructions and fill in this sheet the best you can. There is no rush, so take your time.

Keep it simple:

  • Choose Appropriate Niches
    Use your common sense and pick niche that you feel you could add value to. Do you need to have a PHD in these niches? No. Do you need to have a practical/logical interest in the niche? YES!
  • Do Not Choose Too Many
    Be serious and professional about this. DO NOT build a list of 100 niches and then say "I'm confused, which one do I pick?". Follow my instructions and pick a small amount of well chosen niches.
  • Explore & Have Fun
    Don't be afraid to take some time and dig down into place like Quora, Reddit or YouTube to look for hidden niches and ideas.
  • Karen N says:

    Hello Phillip clicked on Niche ideas worksheet and it says cant load plugin? I am not sure what that means thankyou

  • TANIA Y says:

    It’s hard for a female to grow a pair of balls, LOL.

  • says:

    I don’t have microsoft office can you change the download to a different format please

  • Simon M says:

    Affiliate Marketing, I feel, is where the money’s at so would love to crack that.

    I know something about dogs having always had one.

    I also taught my own two children to read (fluently) preschool which had a tremendous effect on their education and subsequent careers and have written about that.

    But Affiliate Marketing and later creating my own product(s) is, I think, what I should do if I’m going to concentrate on one thing.

  • Caelan V says:

    Using your ranking strategy on my second YouTube channel all ready have 28 subs got a few videos on page 1 but slow traction so far looking into this app called randonautica it basically takes you to randomly generated locations and a lot of people record there experience and right now am just using my iPhone to record and laptop to edit so it’s not really hard to do something you like to do and go with it

  • Caelan V says:

    My three niches are affiliate marketing abandoned exploration and KDP low content books nothin else is really of interest

  • Darren S says:

    I am really enjoying these videos! Thank you.

  • Pen