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Finding Niche Ideas – Explosive + DFY Niches

Lesson 4

Use This Tool Below For Free Searches

Note - be sure to go into the "Jaaxy help" tab and watch the tutorials on how to use the search tool.

Jaaxy is a super powerful tool. If you are serious about building an online business then I would urge to invest in it. 

In the next steps of the Action Plan you will be using it for keyword research for blogging and more content ideas.

- Philip Borrowman

DFY Niche Ideas

Here are a few niches ideas to help you get the ball rolling. Use the "Broad Niche Ideas" as the starting point of your research and dig down into sub niches within them.

Equally, use the "Micro Niche Ideas" to spark up ideas about related micro niches. For Example:

"How to be a good dad" could easily be exchanged for "mum" or "son" or grandfather".

Broad Niche Ideas

  • Relationships
  • Insurance
  • Running
  • Jewelry
  • Investing
  • Adventure
  • Home Decor
  • Health

Micro Niche Ideas

  • How To Be A Good Dad
  • Pet Insurance
  • Cross Country Running
  • Homemade Jewelry
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Living On The Road
  • Minimalism
  • Teen Obesity

How To Use These Keywords:

By searching for these in Jaaxy and in Google you will be able to spot other niche ideas within these topics. Have a look at my video above and let your imagination take over. 

Go and explore and have fun and remember to fill in your "Niche Idea Worksheet" from the previous lesson.