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“Get Rich Quick” Does NOT Exist

Lesson 4

"The sooner you accept that "get rich quick" does not exist, the sooner you will make real progress online.

Seriously. It seems counter intuitive, but it really works that way."

- Philip Borrowman

  • Karen N says:

    Thank you Phillip:)

  • JULIAN D says:

    Im actually stunned by the training so far. This is simple, down to earth advice that is a total wake up call! Until now, I didn’t realise how programmed Ive been to ignore common sense advice like this and go for the ‘shiny object’ or the ‘get rich quick’. Some outstanding advice here.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      You have been trained and brainwashed from day one. Such a shame but we are all exposed to the same advertising and we all believe in get rich quick at first.

  • Loren G says:

    use falling in love was an excellent example of building a business online. Great stuff as usual Philip!

  • Les B says:

    A healthy dose of reality right there…

  • Pen