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Google Analytics + Search Console

Lesson 7

  • Add your Privacy Policy to your Contact Us page as I show you in the video.
  • Add the "s" to the site address bar as I show you and update any plugins which needs updating.
  • Delete any old themes you are not using on your site.
  • Set your Privacy Policy inside the "Privacy" page inside the "Settings" tab.
  • Create a new Gmail account. You only need ONE Gmail account to control ALL your Google properties, including YouTube Channel, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Search Console and so on.
  • Create a Google Analytics account using your new Gmail account. Set it up as I show you.
  • Create a Google Search Console account using your new Gmail account. Set it up as I show you.
  • Submit your sitemap to Google as I show you in the tutorial above.
  • Yoshihito T says:

    This section is what I call “Hidden Secrets” to SEO, especially submitting the sitemap info to Google via Webmaster Tools. Most people probably don’t even bother to do this part. Now time to start adding content to my site.

  • Richard D says:

    Yesss! Finally I made it up to this point. Next stop, content creation!

  • AL L says:

    Wow! I learned a lot today about WordPress, I hated wordpress because i never understood it until now, Thanks Philip, Great training.

  • says:

    That a lot of information to get through But My site is FINALLY set up correctly.

  • Pen