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How Does YouTube Fit Into Your Marketing Plan

Lesson 3

Let me show you how videos can help you rank better in Google & get more traffic to your channel + blog.

There are many different ways to traffic to your videos, this is why they are so powerful.

- Philip Borrowman

Google Vs YouTube

The Good

  • There are multiple streams of traffic potential for your videos.
  • Videos on blog posts increase dwell time, which increases rankings.
  • If your video does not rank No.1 in YouTube, it does NOT matter because traffic comes from sidebar, embeds, discovery pages and more...

The Bad

  • Google only delivers good traffic if you are on page one.
  • Google is an absolute thing, if you don't rank of page one you don't get traffic from them.
  • Blog posts are great but it is harder to keep people's attention if you have long form content without a video.

Engagement & User Experience:

Assuming you make OK videos with good audio, the user experience is greatly enhanced by having video. 

By having a video embedded on your blog post your audience get much better value because they can get a visual representation of your blog post.

This increases engagement, exposure and increases the chance of someone subscribing to your lead magnet or and your YouTube channel.