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How Long Does It Really Take to Make Money Online?

Lesson 5

"The only way for you to truly learn and make money online as an affiliate is to fail forward. This is not a sexy concept and something newbie marketers do not want to hear.

I urge you to watch this video below from Miles Beckler who demonstrates the concept of failing forward."

Philip Borrowman - Taking Action Online

  • Karen N says:

    You speak such great truth thank you

  • says:

    FOCUS is my most difficult task because I have the personality of an otter. I’ve heard of the failing forward but I always go forward a bit but then I get stuck because although I’ve paid thousands to have a mentor everyone has always over promised and under delivered and the most expensive ones are the worst
    , And I’ve been at it for 20 years with affiliate marketing, ice cream bicycle cart, stock market to vending machines. I keep going though sometimes not sure why except that I like to learn sometimes I think I must not be capable of learning. I know that’s negative but it seems that may be the case.

  • John S says:

    This is my 15th year of failing forward shiny objects and all. I don’t regret it because at last, I have found a real and honest mentor that is Phillip.

  • Richard D says:

    Hi Phillip,

    This is so true! I’m guilty with shiny object syndrome. I’ve trying to make money online for the last 5 years. Jumping from one product to another. Thank you for this bonus! I purchased the SEO blue print. I’m enjoying and learning a lot with Taking Action Online course. Of all the courses I bought this is the most comprehensive and valuable one. Mindset and self development is very important! Now I can see that this should be the pre-requisite if you wanted to start Business online or offline.
    Thanks again!

  • David S says:

    GREAT VIDEO, Philip. Thank you 🙂

  • Caelan V says:

    Very true after ATB took me awhile to finally get started now I have 22 videos up but I only do one video a week now rather than everyday because I don’t want to get the YouTube burn out

  • Loren G says:

    Lesson 5 is a great video Philip because you are absolutely right about the way the common nubie internet marketer thinks and reacts. We are given a false dream. I myself have traveled the road to distractions of information overload and buying crap and paying out hundreds and thousands of dollars, and not made a dime! There’s a saying I made up that goes like this, “those who fail are not failures, they just learn slower than others.”

  • Pen