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Imperfect Action = Traffic, Leads & Sales

Lesson 3

Most of the things you do on a daily basis do NOT go to plan. Get used to it. Your first blog post is going to suck. Your first video will suck. 

Appreciate that by the time you have created 20 blog posts your 21st blog post WILL be better than your first 10.

Create content to the best of your ability at the time of creating them and move forward one day at a time. Fail forward!

- Philip Borrowman


  • Accept you have to implement to improve.
  • Accept your content will never be perfect!
  • Accept you have to fail forward with imperfect action.
  • Accept you are new and you have to learn by DOING IT!


  • Sulk and complain about not knowing enough.
  • Look at others and think how much better they are. 
  • Feel deflated by lack of progress after one video and two blog posts. This is a long term game, remember!

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