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Increasing Niche Knowledge – What it Takes

Lesson 2

Be practical about your research and development. Do not be so unorganized that you lose focus on growing your business.

Be practical in your planning and set aside a few hours here and there to develop your niche knowledge AFTER you write blog posts and create content for your videos.

- Philip Borrowman


  • Immerse yourself in your niche and learn more about it.
  • Be practical and set aside time AFTER you have implemented small segments of TAO Action Plan.
  • Learn in micro segments so you do not get overwhelmed.
  • Compound your niche knowledge by delving into areas you are not familiar with.


  • Don't shy away because you think it's too hard.
  • Don't think of this as "work" and sulk about the time it takes to learn.
  • Overwhelm yourself by researching too much in one go.
  • Working inefficiently by not planning your research time and niche knowledge development.

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