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Is Your Niche Profitable?

Lesson 10

The chances of you choosing a niche which does not have an income potential is exceedingly slim.

Almost all niches are easily monetized. Don't overthink it. Again, you're goal right now is to build the foundations of your business. Profitability does not matter at this point.

- Philip Borrowman

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Not Sure? Need Help?

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  • Nathaniel W says:

    Hi Philip. Is developing social skills a good niche? Well not to say im good at it but, i do research to get some pointers sometimes before a meet up.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Sure, could be a good one. Millions of people googling these types of keywords. Lots of products to sell as well about increasing confidence, social skills and so on..

  • AL L says:

    Hey Philip, What do you think of a Smoking Meat/ BBQ Niche? I have been Smoking Meat at Home for 5 years now.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Good morning! Sure, if you go on YouTube there are plenty of people who have YT channels and blogs about this topic. Have a look at their content and blog posts and see if that type of content takes your fancy.

      NOTE – you will be massively intimidated by their production value, layout and feel…. remember to not let this put you off because you are seeing the “finished product” after years and years of practice for those guys. You have to start from the bottom, but there is always room for one more.

      Also, BBQ is a very seasonal niche for most of the world…

    • Andrew L says:

      yeah….we get about 10 days in the UK ….for the BBQ that is!! :0)… about, how to set up a BBQ that you can do 365 days per year!!….without moving to Auz

  • Pen