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Lesson 4

Congratulations! You should be very chuffed with your progress. Most people NEVER get this far because they are forever stuck in the "planning" stage.

They think, they make notes and make lists but never implement anything.

Keep up the momentum and move forward to Step 3 of the Action Plan!

Philip Borrowman ‧ Taking Action Online

  • PETER C says:

    Hi Philip
    Luv your work, I am actually following you along!!!!!!!!!!!!, However
    when I try to watch your training videos, (all of them so far, intro, step one and two etc) they keep freezing, no other videos do this, I have a good internet connection, I start each video by refreshing it (the page) at least 2-3 times, then force the blue line towards the end of the video then slide it back to the beginning, even though the video shows the gray loaded part it still jams/freezes, and i have to move the blue band along until it unfreezes, but I lose whatever you said. If I backtrack it just freezes again. I hope you can guide me to resolver this as it makes completing a video tedious, not due to content, but due to delivery.
    Kind regards, Peter Cardale.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Hey! Sorry you are having troubles with the videos. They are hosted on Vimeo and I do not have any issues and no one else has reported problems, so it is most likely a local issue.

      Try clearing your cache or using a different browser. Also, check others in the house are not downloading anything or holding up the bandwidth.

  • Pen