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Narrowing Down Your Niche

Lesson 2

Laser Target Your Niche

You have to understand how to spot micro niches before you start looking for niche ideas. This will help you save time and effort as you start looking for potential niches.

The Problem

The broader your niche, the broader your audience.

This makes it impossible for you to know "what they want" and makes it impossible to get traffic, leads and sales.

The Solution

By finding a very specific niche (micro niche) you can target the correct audience with relevant content, promotions and value.

When they arrive at your website, their intent will be clear and you can deliver!


Let me show you one example of a niche being narrowed down so you can do this yourself when you find niche ideas...

Travel (Too Broad)

This niche is very broad. "travel" has dozens of sub niches and content potential so how do you narrow this down?

Travelling In Brazil

Better, but it is still quite vague. Will this website be suitable for backpackers? City breaks? Jungle trips? 

Luxury Travel In Brazil

SUPER targeted and micro niche audience. This makes the audience super targeted and easy to serve content to.

  • TANIA Y says:

    Yet another great simple explanation of how to drill down into a specific niche.

  • Mike says:

    Love the training. Love the “Life of Brian” poster more! One of my favourite comedy films. Raised as a Catholic, but with some doubts, I went to see the film opening weekend after it was announced the Vatican had denounced it.

  • Zoo K says:

    Should we be looking at search volume when narrowing down the niche?

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Sure, you can use it as an indicator. However, remember that the search volume is just an estimate and does not take into account human nature and subtle nuances of common sense. You will get a lot of false positives when you do keyword research.

  • Richard D says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Awesome video! And yes Banff is in Calgary Canada ??
    That’s my hometown ?


  • Darren S says:

    Those are great examples to lucidly get the idea across. Just out of interest, I have been a type one diabetic practically all of my life.

  • Michael L says:

    Narrowing down in a specific niche instead of being broad seems a great strategy, giving ample opportunity to create targeted content.

  • Pen