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Niche Keyword Research – Human Nature & Common Sense

Lesson 8

Keyword research tools are a must have tool BUT you need to understand their uses in relation to your own purpose. 

At this stage you are NOT doing research for individual blog posts. You are only trying to get a sense of overall volume for groups of keyword combination.

This this video, it's more about common sense...

- Philip Borrowman

Be sure to check out the "Help Section" inside Jaaxy to get detailed tutorials on how to use the tool. It is SUPER easy to use, which is why it's so good for beginner marketers.

  • Andrew L says:

    The one Miles Beckler uses is is pretty useful too …KWfinder…, not sure how it compares to Jaaxy Phil but that Miles knows his stuff when it comes to keyword research…and going after the long tail keywords with hardly any competition but decent volume looking for it ?

  • TANIA Y says:

    Just looked into competitor KW tools and discovered your Jaaxy recommendation is one of the cheaper ones against other paid versions. So I guess if it’s not one of the free ones of which there are a few good ones then Jaaxy is the choice KW tool to go for.

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      Yes, KW tool are expensive. Total pain. Good thing about Jaaxy is that it also tracks your rankings which would normally comes at an extra cost.

  • TANIA Y says:

    How about other keyword tools that aren’t as expensive as Jaaxy? Monthly fees for other things will start mounting up and having to pay out $49 or $99 a month is expensive for startups without sufficient income!

    I already have a KW tool for my kdp which was a one off payment. KDPRocket is excellent but not appropriate for niche marketing.

    Is Longtail Pro still going and is that a possibility?

    • Philip Borrowman says:

      You can use any tool you like. When it comes to paying monthly fees, $49/m is not a huge cost when you consider the power it has to bring in $1000s in sales. Most people spend more than that on snack in a week, yet a reluctant to pay for it to grow their business. Do some Googling and you will find something you can use but Jaaxy is the best option for the price in my experience and it has other features which are incredibly valuable, such as the rank tracker.

      • TANIA Y says:

        When I looked at my old one time payment for LongtailPro it had evolved into a much better software and now is a subscription KW tool. Because I was one of the original purchasers I have got a 50% monthly discount which equates to $33.50 which I’ll work with for now to see how that pans out.

  • says:

    With free Jaaxy do you get 30 searches a month or only 30 and then it costs

  • Pen