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Optimizing Your Blog Posts & Post Template

Lesson 6

I urge you to click around your Thrive Architect and Theme Builder to get used to where everything is. There are so many options to choose from and you must get used to using these tools.

BUT, keep things simple. Do not over-complicate your templates with needless elements and features.

- Philip Borrowman

Yes, Please:

  • Click around and get familiar with the tools.
  • Create a "test" page and play around with the elements and drag and drop. Play and have fun with the tools.
  • Keep the pages simple and user friendly.
  • Understand you will come back and tweak your templates in the future as you progress.
  • You want to keep the users attention on your content, not on fancy elements.

No, Thanks:

  • Do not overthink this process.
  • The more you add the more work your create to align elements, images and more.
  • The more elements you add the more there is to change later should you want to re-fresh your posts.
  • The more you add the more your audience will be distracted from their main focus, your content.
  • Do NOT spend days and days messing around with your theme. It does NOT matter. Keep it simple.
  • Nesley R says:

    Enjoying while learning❤️❤️❤️

  • Pen