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Optimizing Your Homepage

Lesson 4

Follow along with this tutorial to get your homepage set up. Your homepage is your most visited page because that is normally what people link to when creating backlinks or sharing with friends.

- Philip Borrowman

What To Do
  • Setup your homepage using the block feature, as I show you.
  • Add information about your website and what you aim to achieve with your site. Remember you will come back and add/tweak this all the time.
  • You can EASILY do this by using the blocks only without changing any settings, margins or layout options.
  • Remember to check the mobile view to double check it looks ok.
Keeping It Simple
  • Add something simple and to the point. You will come back and add more content here over the next few weeks. 
  • Do not overthink this or try to change too many settings.
  • Perfectionism will crush your progress. Understand that in 2 months your experience will be 10x what it is now and you will re-write and tweak this homepage.
  • Moving forward with the Action Plan and creating more content means more than agonizing over every last detail.